03 March 2016

Blood Politics

"You could NEVER do that", my wife said... (and she was correct).
We just watched Clarence Thomas' wife being interviewed on Glenn Beck's radio/TV show. She was talking about how amazing it was that Antonin Scalia had such a close relationship with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, two people about as far apart on the political spectrum as you can get.

My response?
"Blood on their hands!"
Hillary Clinton AND Barack Obama watched, on a live feed (LIVE!!) from Benghazi, as four people who worked for them were attacked and killed... and did NOTHING.
Worse, they then lied to cover their tracks for political benefit.

I am still in touch with folks in the military, many of whom are involved with Special Ops.
Some of those folks are dying because of poor political leadership.
If you are an Obama supporter... if you are a Clinton supporter, I'd just as soon try to beat you up as have a relationship with you.
Some of my friends are DYING. You have blood on your hands.

Antonin Scalia was smarter than me.
But I'm not sure his political tactics make the world a better place.

Still, I have to admit that Scalia beating little Ruth up would have been a bad move.
But the image it gives me makes me smile.
And I don't think progressives have any idea what they face in the future if we continue down this path.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

The (P)regressives believe their feelings are facts. Good luck changing that.

Old NFO said...

Amen to all... And I'll second your statements!

Unfortunately Anonymous said...

I have a puzzler for you.

I know your feelings on Trump. I think we have similar views on him.
I know your feelings on Hillary. I think we have similar views on her.

It is November 8th. You walk into the voting booth. There are two buttons.


|_| TRUMP (R)

Could you, in good conscience, push either one of those buttons?

Would you, in good conscience, HAVE to push one of those buttons to prevent the other one from being elected?

No need to rush an answer. You have until November.

Greybeard said...

I'll vote for Ross Perot, and take SOME comfort in this fact:
We COULD NOT POSSIBLY do worse than we have the past 7 years.
Trump doesn't HATE the U.S..