21 January 2016

Big Brother Loves You

I'm pedaling fast as I can to get away from the "trouble".
To get to safety it sure would be nice to know how far, and which direction to pedal.
But even experts are confused. How the heck do you and I prepare?

Let me pose a hypothetical scenario-
Our president decides to follow FDR's "solution" from the 1930's and issues an executive order:
"It is now illegal to own precious metal coins or bullion. Turn in all your Gold and Silver".
Would you comply?
What if our government mandated all of a certain class of people had to be interred in concentration camps...
Would a chunk of our fellow citizens smile and march willingly into camps?
In today's world, I don't think so.

I think we really are entering uncharted waters.
If you're getting as queasy as I am, do yourself a favor and try to digest this article. Read the comments too.

Some form of "currency" for trade.
And enough guns and ammunition to defend you and yours.
Be prepared, or be a victim.


Anonymous said...

Yes, these are confusing times. But some things are not so confusing. No, I would not turn in anything to the US government. I have led a long and good life, served my community, my state for 41 years in law enforcement. I am old enough and irascible enough to know that there are some things I would die for, and keeping the oaths I swore many years ago is still how I lead my life. My allegiance is to the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, not any temporary regime in DC. Those who come illegally for my rights may be met by force. The oaths I swore didn't end when I went off duty and they didn't end when I retired. I'm not a hypocrite that way. There is nothing more steadfast and possibly frightening than a person who is pushed to fight for principle and who has the bulk of their life behind them. Molon labe really does have meaning.


Old NFO said...

Agree with BZ, while I didn't do the LEO time, I did the active duty time...