11 March 2015

Svengoolie II

On the 16th of January I wrote a post bemoaning the fact that here in Phoenix I could no longer watch my campy, stupid horror show, hosted by Chicago's "Soupy Sales" imitator "Svengoolie".
None of you came to my aid.
What's up with you guys?

A few weeks ago Sara Jean was complaining she had no TV in the kitchen to watch as she was preparing the feast for yours truly. As is the norm for us men, the first order of business for us is to keep the woman happy during the time she is preparing the feast we have worked so hard to procure and intend to savor.
Therefore, I purchased an antenna called the "Terk" HD antenna, so my beloved could stay entertained while she prepared the sumptuous feast for her provider.
Amazingly, here in Phoenix this antenna sucks in about 50 channels for her to view. Some of them are broadcast in languages we don't understand, but that's irrelevant...
Even the ones broadcast in Spanish focus on pretty girls with pretty curves.
You can leave the sound off. With these curves... I'm a fan.

But here's the question at hand for now-
Growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana, I remember three channels:
Channel 4 was an independent channel.
Channel 6 was NBC.
Channel 8 was CBS.

Later on, we added channel 13, an ABC affiliate. Then to make things complicated, channels 6 and 13 swapped positions on the dial and confused everyone.
Now? They DO.

Saturday night I was pokin' around the dial with our new "Terk". Guess what I found that you guys didn't help me with?!!!!
Channel "7.2" is "MeTV".
Guess who I found?!!
My Svengoolie was hosting an "Invisible Man" movie.
I'm now excited.

Guess where my fat derriere will be next Saturday night?

But... Channel 7.2?
What the heck is that?
I'm sure a 5-yr old understands it.
This 68-year old is still trying to sort it out!


OlePrairiedog said...

You have entered the area that was once featured on the "Twilight Zone". Modern miracle science has once again baffled, bummed and besmirched us late middle aged citizens. So either the solution will magically appear soon OR you will forget what the question was and it wouldn't matter anyway.

Ed Bonderenka said...

That's an upgrade version of channel Seven.
Seven point two is an upgrade to Channel 7.0 which did NOT include Svengoolie.
Glad I could help.

Old NFO said...

I didn't even know who you were talking about, that's why I didn't say anything... And 7.2 is supposedly a digital channel...

The Old Man said...

Too bad they don't show "Ghoulardi" (or Ernie Anderson, as he was known when he was THE voice-over king}. He had the same schtick on Friday nights when there was only B&W tv and I was MUCH younger...
I'm impressed that MeTV is on broadcast out there....