02 February 2015

"That Ain't A Harley You're Ridin', Is It Boy?!"

The plan for today is to depart home base around 1300 hours in order to arrive at Phoenix Intl. Airport by 1400. I'll be on the GoldWing.
My purpose today is to meet up with several other members of the PGR... "Patriot Guard Riders", to escort the remains of a Navy Veteran from PHX to Casa Grande, AZ, where his services will be held.
Weather is nearly perfect and I look forward to the experience with one exception:
The last time Sara Jean and I participated in a PGR ride, we felt excluded from the group.

I've written before about the "Club", and how some bikers only associate with other bikers who ride a certain American-made motorcycle. I'm sure MOST of the bikes in today's procession from PHX to Casa Grande will fall into this category. Mine won't.
Sara Jean was so angry after our last ride, she won't be accompanying me today. The rest of the group today will obviously be worse for not having had the chance to meet her.
I've decided I'm not gonna allow "attitude" to  deter me...

I'm NOT riding because I want to suck up to anyone. I'm riding to honor the memory of a Vet... someone that felt compelled to sign "the blank check".

I hope my experience  today is different than our earlier ride.
But with my personal history, I DO NOT  yearn to be part of the aforementioned "Club".

More later.


cary said...

Yeah, there are members of THAT bunch who are also PGR riders, but for the most part that is not the attitude of most of the riders.

I'm sorry she has that memory.

Greybeard said...

Today, I hope, will be a totally different experience, Cary.
If so, I'll know it was Sara Jean that scared everyone off from approaching us.
We'll see.

cary said...

Hah hah ha- wait, does she read this?

CnC said...

The last time I saw you GB was in Greenwood at the Suds. Some punk ass poser rode up behind me on his new Harley. His ticket into the cool club. He started Erving his engine and seeing I wasn't also a poser on a Harley. Just riding my 2001 1100 Shadow that I love, he hollows at me "hey why don't you get a real bike?"
I turned around and saw that I had been riding bikes before this punk was born. I shouted out even louder "hey fuck you man!"
The little punk was caught off guard and promptly apologized. I may be getting on in years and I may have not been able to kick his ass anymore but I would have made sure to give him something to remember me by.
Good for you my brother for doing this ride and fuck the posers who are doing that ride for the wrong reasons.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Is GW not made in Ohio?
I understand your real point.

Greybeard said...

Your point WAS valid, Ed...
The GoldWing WAS made in Maryville Ohio, and at the time had more American content in it than any H-D.
That's no longer true though. Honda has pulled the manufacturing facilities for the 'Wing back to Japan.

The Old Man said...

If you want someone to cover your six, you have my number. Dissing SJ is a case of "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes".
Money has never translated into intelligence - works the other way....

Old NFO said...

Hope it goes well, and thanks for stepping up to support the veterans cause.