21 July 2013

Catching Up

If you don't feel you have a personal relationship with me, skip this post...
I'm just catching friends up with my news.

It's been a tough Spring/Summer so far.
My Mother had not been well for several months. Twelve hours drive away in Pensacola, we spent as much time with her as possible while we were in Destin, then drove down a couple times to actually spend a weekend with her in her apartment, which was a cramped, one-bedroom place with too much furniture, made MUCH worse with the addition of our Queen-size inflatable airbed on the floor between recliners and TV cabinet.
Cramped quarters made things difficult. Helpers coming in the door at an unworldly hour of the morning to insure she was properly medicated made us feel like Zombies after a couple days.
Obviously, visiting Mom was not a peaceful sojourn to the countryside.

I've had a little side business I started with an old friend in 1988, mostly teaching others to fly helicopters, doing aerial photography, and other little odd jobs requiring the use of a helicopter.
The two of us fit together well... he did the administrative stuff;

I watched over the helicopter and insured the operations side worked as advertised.
A long-time smoker, he's also been in ill health for the last couple years. A year ago his health really started downhill. He's been in and out of the hospital several times.
Two months ago he died.
His wife wants no part of staying in the business of herding helicopters.
Twenty-five years of plugging along, dreaming of what we could do after we both could retire from other work and devote full-time to our business went out the door. Our little business will wither and disappear.

Mother's health worsened.
She was always someone fun to be around... sharp as a tack with a great sense of humor, she was intelligent and curious, and could participate in conversations about anything.
But we noticed her hearing failing. Then her memory started frustrating her.
She no longer participated in conversations because she couldn't hear what was being discussed and couldn't remember things to add.
She sat silently, smiled and nodded, just to show she was glad simply to be around others.
Three weeks ago my sister called to indicate she was failing.
In three days she was gone.
We buried her a week ago.
I've lost my strongest supporter.

I take comfort in having had her in my life MUCH longer than anyone would have predicted.
Her weak heart needed help, and to that she had a pacemaker installed in 1983.
At that point NO ONE would have imagined she'd outlive my Dad.

She did.
Like a Timex watch, she just kept on ticking.
Her "metronome" pacemaker was replaced with one that measured O2 content in her bloodstream and increased her heart rate as necessary.
The battery in that device failed one morning and her poor weak heart kept plugging until they could install a new battery.
She survived hurricane Ivan and three weeks of no air-conditioning in her new Pensacola apartment, just days after we moved her there.
She was a tough, wonderful creature. Obviously, I'll miss her terribly.

I've kinda had a "one-two punch" delivered to my midsection and I'm still not recovered...
May never fully recover.
Add to my emotional stress the fact I still think my beloved country is circling the drain, and you may understand my reluctance to write here.

It'd be nice to have some good news cheer us all up, wouldn't it?
(If you have any, share in the comments PLEASE.)


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Old saying; life is a bitch, then it has puppies.

You have your wife, you can still pass a physical, have a buck or two in savings, and every day brings us closer to the end of BO's presidency.

Drive on!

The Old Man said...

If I know you, you've been slapped down and got right back up again. If I can help, brother-man, you've got the phone number.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Sorry, man.
Sounds like a tough row...
WSF has a good take on it.

Don F said...

Still sleeping indoors and eating two or three meals a day... One day at a time - all we can ask for.

Hang in there.
+1 on WSF!


OlePrairiedog said...

If you need anything, you have but to call. We can come back from gut shots, body blows and kicks to the whatever. Hurts for a while and then we get better and concentrate on the wonderful memories. Hugs and shared heart breaks my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Old Fart,
You don't know me. I'm just one of those guys that loves things that fly, who grew up in your era, and who loves his country as you do. I have followed you for years, feeling much as you did about things. I love things that fly, freedom, guns, motorcycles, family and all that good shit.
Yes, you got a double whammy. So what. You are standing and healthy. You can still do something. I have got the shit knocked out of me as well. I am far worse off than you are and I ain't backing down. You have a good retirement (which I don't), an awesome loving wife and people that care about you. What the hell can you not accomplish if you set your sights on it? Get up, get moving and get it done. Your Mom would be proud.
Also, do not stop blogging. Many here may need that inspiration to get us moving as well. You never know when you touch a heart. It's also OK to let your feelings out. I'm not trying to be harsh, just realistic.
Always show inspiration. It's in you. Our generation needs to lead in these coming days. 'nuf said.
All the best.

CnC said...

Godspeed my friend

Anonymous said...

I've read your blog for years, but never posted. My condolences. Keep the faith.

Old NFO said...

Yeah, +1 on WSF... You didn't get where you are by giving up, and I don't see y'all doing that now. I lost my dad when I was 9 and my mother when I was 29... Be thankful she is gone to a better place, and remember, only 2 more years to get rid of Obummer!!!