07 June 2013

Big Brother, (No Holding Company).

"They've suspended my license for 90 days" he said.
A flight instructor and charter pilot, it meant his income would have a huge dent in it for three months.

"How did this happen?"

"The airplane had been involved in an accident. The FAA inspector claimed the engine had suffered a 'sudden stoppage', even though the engine never stopped running. He refused to allow me to fly the airplane home without a ferry permit. It was late Friday afternoon and waiting for the office to open Monday to get the permit was impossible. I waited until he was gone, started the airplane, and flew it home."

"How do they know it was YOU who flew the airplane?"

"They tracked me through my credit card fuel-charges... Knew every stop I made."

Folks, if you are not concerned about the information now available to our government, you aren't paying enough attention.

Ugly, UGLY times are coming.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

You have to wonder how the FAA can "legally" access credit card purchases. Disagree ugly times are coming; they are here right now.

The Old Man said...

I was warned about this sort of nonsense if I voted for Romney...

Old NFO said...

That they are... And this administration has NO compunction about USING that data against us...

The Old Man said...

Leave little and live large. My latest movements (~ 4 years) have been stopping at like-minded folks and cash-only minus a celly. Paranoid? Mebbe.
Use you fiat dollars soon. We are facing a health-care issue, so it's time to cooperate for life instead of liberate for freedom.... We're trying to use the pre-Obama systemas much as we can.
Pray for us.

mkquilts said...

As far as I can tell, the FAA serves no useful purpose anymore. I just retired from a major airline after nearly 44 years. I could tell stories about the FAA that I witnessed but if I got caught I could lose my pension and I'm not willing to do that.
They lie, cheat and steal all the time and are never held accountable. Watch Out!!

CnC said...

That is scary!