10 March 2013

Our Nation, Post-Racial

I've been called these, and worse.
I understand.
If we disagree, I'm a hard guy to like. I'll make you defend your position, and if you can't, you may find yourself wishing we hadn't met.
This attitude has cost me friendships. It has strained relationships with loved ones.
I used to think that was a bad thing.
Not any more.

Some time back a loved one said something to the effect, "I'm not gonna play that game." It wasn't intended to be profound at the time, but it had a dramatic effect on me.
I was, more and more, wondering how we could possibly be making the choices we were making as a nation. I started paying closer attention to what those around me were saying about the course they wanted to see the Nation taking.
I was amazed.
Some people are lazy.
Some people don't know history... it's harsh to call them stupid, but it's SO hard not to embarrass them when they get into Neville Chamberlain territory.

So I'm now into "I no longer play that game" territory.
Don't like me? That's okay.
Don't agree with me? That's okay too. I don't care.
I don't want you in my life.
I don't even want you dabbling around the edges of my life.

We're in trouble.
I'm pedalling as fast as I can to protect me and those I love.
If you give a flip about who fathered Kim Kardashian's baby,
I won't bother to discuss the time of day with you.
I no longer play that game.

Angry? You bet.
Why aren't you?


Well Seasoned Fool said...


Ed Bonderenka said...

This is a sample of what I put on FB:
"Yeah, you're tired of me posting this stuff.
I'M tired of posting this stuff.
What freaks me out is that you're so unconcerned that you don't post stuff like this."
"Angry? You bet.
Why aren't you?" sounds familiar.

eiaftinfo said...

Roger that!!!

Jess said...

Yep. Not only can they not defend their position, they emulate celebrities that are dumber than a stack of bricks.

Old NFO said...

I am, and keeping a LOW profile... or as low as I can...

Scotty said...

That's been me for the past forty years, brother!

I have few friends because of it but, the ones I have, I know I can count on them and they know they can count on me. It works!

lotta joy said...

There is NO ONE who agrees with me and I gave up saying what I believe because I got so tired of seeing "that look" of pure astonishment.

We are out-numbered now, and with the rate of re-population, we will either die of natural causes or because we got shot or beaten to death.

CJ said...

If you ever get an answer, let me know.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

AOW recently intimated that the word "rancor" wasn't quite so good.

I responded:

'Let me, if I might, address the rancor to which you refer. . .

Absent "rancor," Leftists would absolutely dominate the nation and it would not appear as it does now.

Absent "rancor," Leftists would absolutely dominate SCOTUS and even moreso our public education systems.

Absent "rancor," there would essentially be one party, one voice, no dissension.

And who, to my thought, brought about actual OPPOSITION?

Why, none other than RUSH LIMBAUGH. I was in radio for years, met him at KFBK and KNEW that he was destined for syndication at a greater and more effective level than I could possibly have achieved.

I credit Rush Limbaugh for giving an actual VOICE to "rancor."

In these days when "bi-partisanship" and "collaborative" mean nothing more than a STRICT adherence to Mr Obama's policies, I can only thank God for some "rancor."

At this point, ONLY "rancor" can save this country.'

Don't like me? Don't care for me? Don't like my Caucasoid melanin-count, my age, my knowledge of history, my complete education at the point of an actual effective public education in the 50s and 60s, and my personal interest in history since then with a library that, at home, encompasses more than 2,000 volumes?

Don't like it because I'm educated, verbose, speak and write my mind, old, white, male, and know what my country once WAS and could BE in its future. . .

. . .and OBJECT to where it's going now?

Then to those I can only quite regally and succinctly say FUCK YOU.

Molon labe. Bitches.


wksaz said...

My wife thinks I am "angry" "hateful" "negative" and "downright nasty"
and that I possibly need some "help"
I can see that I am among friends...

P.S. She is with "us" though just tired of listening to me for the past 23 years

OH and B.Z., with your permission I would like to start signing things with an abbreviation of your wonderfully eloquent prose.... I want it on a t-shirt, verbatim on that one please.