09 February 2013


Is it necessary to have been tired in order to be "re"tired?
Well I wasn't, so I guess technically I ain't.

My folks used to Winter in Key West. Back in those days I'd start my shift at work by doing a thorough check of the weather I'd be dealing with, then I'd check the weather they were experiencing.
It always put a smile on my face, knowing they'd be walking around in T-shirt, shorts, and a pair of sandals in mid-70 degree weather while I was dealing with cold, (sometimes below zero), freezing precip, frozen precip, and often cloudy and depressing weather.

So now our lives have CHANGED and we're at the other end.
How odd to be here in Destin looking at a clear blue sky, turquoise water lapping at snow white sand, while wearing a pair of shorts and (today) a sweatshirt in 65 degree temps, while watching video of the Northeast getting blown away with two feet of snow piled wall-high by near-hurricane force winds.

Now I'm smiling for us!

It's been three weeks since we said goodbye to beloved co-workers. 

Back in the great white North we shut down our mail, coordinated with our neighbors to keep an eye on our home and do a now-and-then walk through to insure pipes hadn't burst, pointed the car South, and waved bye-bye.
We've actually been in residence in the condo two weeks.
And we're both beginning to get a little itchy.
We walk at least two miles a day. Sara Jean sunbathes. We watch as the sun sinks into the Gulf when clouds permit. I drove to Pensacola last week and brought Mother to visit with us four days.
All that is wonderful.
But I've always thought that maybe I'd get tired of being retired, and those thoughts are now being realized...
For both of us, hangin' around watching movies, eating popcorn, and sucking down adult beverages is only cool when we're doing it to relax after having done something fulfilling.
And just cleaning and doing touchup work in the condo ain't fulfilling. A trip to WalMart for necessities isn't enough stimulation. There's gotta be something else added to our lives to keep us happy.

There's a guy down here flying an R44 up and down the beach, obviously doin' tours.
I went to the airport last week and asked if they needed a backup pilot. The pilot on duty gave me a phone number to call to inquire, and when I called the guy he asked the obvious question...
"What kind of experience do you have?"
I think he was stunned by my response. (And if I was him, my "B.S." meter would have pegged.)
But we have an acquaintance in common, and I suggested he should call him to verify my credentials.
I hope he does.
I hope by next month it will be me flying tours up and down the beach, part-time.
I need to be busy, and the idea of watching for sharks and getting a different perspective of my neighborhood is kinda exciting.

I'll let ya know if this poor unemployed soul gets work.
Stay tuned.


Timothy Frazier said...

Good on ya, Broham!

One day I'm gonna pack Robin and the dogs into the motor home with the bike on the trailer and we'll do a cross country trip to Florida and back. If you're flying you can bet your bottom dollar we'll sign up for a tour.

Where are all the bikes?

lotta joy said...

Joe enjoyed his retirement during our celebration in a cabin, at the highest peak of the Smokies. We sat in the hot tub and had snow falling around us thinking "this is the life". Then life hit. Or should I say, like rolled heavily and slowly over our bodies.

Joe got a job delivering medicine for the local pharmacy, but it was a far sight from commanding 82 men on a fire.

YOUR retirement job will at least have a connection to your prior job and would be a life saver.

I assume this will be just a few weeks per year?

As for Joe and I....I'm still sick and he's coming down with it.

Old NFO said...

LOL, you will NEVER retire... I lasted 6 months and went back to work... Enjoy the 'new' lifestyle, and hope the part time/backup job is fun!

Ed Bonderenka said...

I fear retirement.
I wouldn't know what to do with myself, except for those things I couldn't afford.
Hope you get the gig.

Greybeard said...

Thanks everyone.

Tim, the GoldWing is here.
We rode two hours in GORGEOUS weather today.
Pack Robin and the dogs.
The roads here are billiard-table smooth, but generally straight and FLAAAAAAAT.
We need to go see if we can find some that are interesting.

lotta joy said...

There are NO roads in Florida that are interesting. For that, you've gotta get yer ass to southern Indiana, Kentucky, or Tennessee. I put a link to you on my blog today.

Scotty said...

I've found, in retirement, that one still needs to have a job. Whatever that might be is as different as people are different.

Mine? working on old cars and hot rods AND hiding from the wife when she has that "I want to move furniture" look in her eye!

Don't know how long you're down here GB but, we have an excellent vet's reunion in Melbourne every spring....end of April, first part of may.

It goes on for a week and it is at a county park with camping sites availible....

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

And that's why I'm mentally reluctant to retire, even at 62. I've been a cop for 41 years -- still am, due to budget -- and am wondering the same thing.

How/what will keep me from going over the edge? Because I know I SURE as hell won't be "doing security" when I retire.

But if you can find another job flying helos, GOOD on YOU, sir!