31 July 2012

Solo Suzuki!

First, a comment then question for other bloggers-
I'm so dismayed by what I see going on around me... Stockton, CA., Scranton, PA., that I'm having trouble blogging.
Disheartened, I have trouble thinking of positive things to write.
Obama claims he inherited a MESS. Imagine the MESS he will hand over to Romney!

Solo Suzuki?
When Suzuki first won the World Championship back in the '70's they started an advertising campaign which lead with the jingle, "Solo Suzuki... The champ of the Grand Prix!" That ditty runs through my head now anytime I ride the SV650. I received the handlebar kit and considering my schedule realized I had no time to deal with the installation, so I took it to my wrench, Don. He finished the job today, so I went over and retrieved the bike and rode it to work tonight. The kit, including bars, risers, cables and other hardware was $415. Don's installation cost another $206. But...
EUREKA! I rode the little Suzy to work tonight and for the first time was pain-free at arrival.
Now all I have to do is work on installing a top box on that useless pillion seat so I can carry my "stuff" to work with me.
The bike itself still knocks me out... silky smooth for a V-Twin and more power than I need, while getting over 50 mpg.
I LOVE it.

Now, let's hope the rest of the world recognizes what an evil man Rahm Emanuel is.
Only then will we start the healing process.


eiaftinfo said...

Could not agree more on the "MESS". Try as I might, I simply don't see a solution. There are bits and pieces, but after the 5 trillion tacked on by the Big "O", our grandchildren will have to be stronger than any generation since the 30s.

I keep stressing to our kids - live small, no debt, arm yourself, make good friends - cause it's going to be bad!

The Old Man said...

eiaftinfo said the political, I'll say personal - please post pics of the GB-modified Suzy-Q. Interested in seeing your present mount.
BTW - Boss Lady and I both send our respects to Sara Jean.

Old NFO said...

I agree with eia! And glad the bike is working out well!

lotta joy said...

While on your bike, don't let the bastards take your peace.