12 October 2011

Revolvers Are Dead? Not So Fast, Bunky!

I thought I had bought my last revolver. Now I'm not so sure.
I'd appreciate your thoughts and feedback on this thing:


Greybeard said...

Ya gotta grip it differently!

Capt. Schmoe said...

Much like a concept car, I see little about this weapon that would make it worth buying. I happen to like revolvers, especially concealed hammer snubbies in .38+P; All of the things I like about them are not represented in this version. It is bulky, with plenty of sharp edges - it would not present well from a concealed position. It appears to be complex, with more moving parts than your typical wheel gun.

I do however think you should buy one, then let us know how it is.

jinksto said...

I think I agree with Capt.Schmoe... it looks "new" and "cool" but really doesn't have a functional advantage that I can see other than being "new and cool".

Still, it's a sexy piece but you'd need to be clear about that being the only reason you're buying it.

cary said...

If you're going to get a big cal revolver, do it right and get a cannon without wheels - S&W Model 629 in .44 mag, or similar.

Nothing satisfies like the roar
of a caliber that start with "4".