31 July 2011

A New Chapter

Our Nation is about to undergo the "change" we were promised.
I "hope" I'm wrong about how this chapter will unfold.

We have an administration that has not formulated a (constitutionally required, annually) budget in OVER two years.
And the media is allowing it.

This administration oversaw the delivery of weapons to folks it knew would use those weapons to hurt/kill people. One of our Border Patrol agents was killed with the complicity of this administration.
And the media is ignoring it.

The agencies responsible for overseeing our financial system and warning us when things are getting out of hand...
(The same agencies that were perfectly happy to okay the program responsible for lending money to prospective homeowners who had ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of repaying those loans),
has finally awakened and is about to downgrade the Nation's credit rating no matter the outcome of ongoing debt ceiling negotiations.
And the media is trying its damndest to spin it in Obama's favor.

Our media has taken a page straight out of "Pravda".
The voters were/are ignorant.
And it's mostly because "The Fourth Estate" has failed us miserably.
God, please help us through the coming troubles.


Oleprairiedog said...

Amen a lot

Red Shoes said...

Yep... although I wasn't a fan of the Bush Administration, the media has definitely allowed the Obama Bunch carte blanche in this mess.

No budget in two years?

A gun-running sting carried out by the ATF?? Which obviously had to be signed off on by Eric Holder... who HAD to have the permission of Obama...

That's funny... the group charged with regulating gun trade/ownership in our country running guns to the Mexican drug cartels...

... and the media ignores it.

We are so screwed...


Old NFO said...

Amen... sigh

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I'm not quite sure that God will help us.

I'm thinking that He believes we must first hit Rock Bottom before another person believes in His goodness.

And, frankly, I'm right there with Him.

I've got my food, my guns, my ammo, my water. I saw this shit coming. I live, PURPOSELY, 91 miles from where I work, in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Fornicalia. I've got -- as once was renounced as a negative -- my guns and my bible. And my dial-up.


Let's just SEE what this Old Fuck can do.


the golden horse said...

This is the same media along with this adminstration that barely acknowledged the floods and the tornadoes in the midwest.
Just not in Obama's voting base, I guess.
This is the same admin that gave little to the fact that we are being attacked internally by muslim radicals and the close calls on the planes.
This is the same admin that immigrated thousands of muslims from Palestine and letting them pretty much take over Michigan.
Nary a word from the MSM.

Do I expect anything more from them? No, they are dead to me. The MSM are losers in every way.
They have basically contributed to the downfall of this country.
May the bird of paradise fly up their noses.
They have brought shame upon themselves and their families.
They couldn't print the truth, if it hit them in the face.

The Old Man said...

Keep your powder dry, amigo.
Personally, I intend to have half-a-dozen sideboys when I'm piped out of this life - and I'll recruit them myself.