14 February 2011


All my troubles seemed so far away.

The sun was bright.
The thermometer said 54 degrees fahrenheit.
We donned black leather boots, black leather jackets, black leather gloves, and topped our noggins with black helmets.
We fired up the Goldwing and set out to see if we could get ourselves truly lost on two-lane roads.
We failed miserably at getting lost.
But the sun on all that black surface felt wonderful.
In a car you don't have the same sensations...
We felt the wind.
We smelled dead skunk, steaks being grilled, cow manure being spread on the fields.
That's what we were.


Timothy Frazier said...

Robin and I were doing the same thing here in Texas. Wish there were more days available to do that.

Old NFO said...

I envy you! I spent 7 hours sitting in meetings... sigh...

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

C'mon dude.

C'mon c'mon c'mon!!


Where are the PHOTOGRAPHS from your motor excursions??

Show us THE SHOW!!

We want to see photos of the HELO and photos of the BIKES!!


Greybeard said...

Yeah, you're right...
I need to start using the camera on the bike rides BZ.
But the paint scheme on the helicopters would identify me and my location. And it's weird, one of my old posts making fun of Islamists is my most visited post. I'm well armed, but I'd rather not have to prove that.
What a world we live in.