29 September 2008

Bail Out!

I'm thinking "Bailout" has two meanings...
Sometimes I wish I could just "Bail Out" of this machine and let it continue on it's perilous journey by itself.

I watched Fox News with terrified interest as the vote was tallied in the House of Representatives. It was obvious from the start that if the issue was gonna pass, it would be a squeaker. When it didn't pass I watched with equally fearful interest as the Dow Jones average tumbled 700+ points, then recovered to just under a 600 point loss. I kept thinking about a friend at work that just retired, and wondered if he now thinks that was such a good idea. I'm glad now to have the option to continue working as necessary to put more funds in my retirement account, although we all have to be wondering how our individual companies will fare with the fallout from this shakeup, don't we?

So now the finger pointing begins.
George Bush is at fault.
Both houses of Congress are at fault.
Greedy people are at fault, although if others had been doin' their jobs, greedy folks could not have taken advantage of this situation as they have.

I'm most amazed at our Congress.
Democrats are in control and could have passed this bill on their own had it not been such a stinker. It's funny to see those same democrats begging for others to join George Bush to get this monstrosity passed...
I thought GWB was an idiot- that no one in their right mind should follow him?
Yet now we hear Democrats blaming republicans for not following ChimpHitlerBush's lead.
Thank GOD for House Republicans!

And Barney Frank!
Chairman of a committee that should have stopped all this nonsense two years ago, yet he's up to his eyeballs in this corruption.
And of course there are lots of others to blame in both political parties.

It's gonna be interesting to watch this unfold...
We find ourselves here in Destin, Florida wondering if we'll be able to buy gas to make our way home:
Will it be available?
Will we be able to afford it, even if it is available?

There will be ramifications to all this we cannot yet foresee.
But many of us have seen it coming for some time and have been warning others.
Did you start buying your Gold coins yet?
It may be a little late for that.


Anonymous said...

Who were you warning?

cary said...

It is time to not vote for any incumbent, no matter what the previous record is. It is time for the average American to step up and make serving the country part of the heritage - service not only in the military, but in the government as well.

That way, the influence of outside interests will be reduced to near zero.

Flightfire said...

For once, you and I agree on something Greybeard (except the whole throwing dems out thing). This is why the bill didn't pass. There were significant amounts of both Dems and Repubs that objected to it.

I think we're in panic mode and I don't like it. I don't want to give George Bush 700 billion dollars three months before he leaves office. We can wait three months, when we have a fresh president with momentum and a mandate for change on his side (and a more trustworthy track record).

So indeed...thank god for house republicans.

Autorotate said...

You know no matter what happens, the media and the left will make it Bush, McCain and any conservatives fault.

I can't believe this country has gone so far 180 degrees, inside out, upside down where an absolute fool can be a legitimate contender for President just because he is a socialist.