09 January 2008

Hillary Cries, II

Little Sister is an expert at pointing out when her brother is an insensitive moron. She helps keep me from getting 'way out there on the "Dirty Rotten Men" scale.
To my post Hillary Cries she commented:

"As much as I DON'T like Hillary, I have to respond here.
All of you who think she can't do the job just because she cried, are nothing but a bunch of men."

So there, you... you... you... MEN! (Spit that word out like bile!)

Now I actually thought I was bein' compassionate, sayin' I felt sorry for Ms. Rodham.
And my real question was, if Hill is already so tired that she's exhausted and melancholy, what sort of behavior should we be looking for come late-October?

But men, don't be ashamed. I'm not gonna let her accusation go without a little defense here either...
Here's one columnists' take on Hillary's tears.
And here's another.
Both columnists are pictured.
Anything jump out at ya about those pics?!
It's not just men, and it's not just Conservatives noticing Hill's mini-breakdown.

I referred earlier to the fact that I've become cynical.

My real question about Hill's "incident" is, were the tears contrived or real? If they were real I can understand them, although once again I think it's mighty early in this marathon to be so worn out a question like the one posed can bring on the "crackly voice".
If they were
contrived, well, that's pretty much what I would expect from the Bill/Hill campaign.

And back to the issue of MEN!... (ptui!)

I've also
seen grown men cry at times when I felt it was perfectly appropriate...
But in the example shown, it was NOT about what was happening to HIM!


cary said...

Hillary played a card out of suit, and got trumped.

Somebody call the Wahhhmbulance.

Anonymous said...

GB, I think Mammanurse is a pretty smart cookie but can't agree with her on Hillery's tears. Hillery is a VERY strong person. I am fairly sure she was very tired at the time of her "crying breakdown" but that doesn't mean she couldn't hold back the tears. I've been hurt and tired many times but wouldn't let a doctor, boss or let alone the whole world see me cry. She knows every step to take to meet her goal and will execute each one.


Greybeard said...

Bo and others...
I think Mommanurse's point was that Hillary could break down in tears while having crisis discussions with this man, and it would have no bearing whatsoever on her job performance. At least that's what I think she was saying.