21 August 2007

Dogs, (Human and Canine), In The News

Several months back, I had taken Mother back to her apartment in Pensacola and was headed Eastbound back to Destin on Highway 98, the "Scenic Gulf Highway."
It's a nice drive, with now and then beautiful glimpses of the Gulf as you drive through Gulf Breeze, Navarre, and Ft. Walton Beach.
Highway 98 is a nice road... two lanes in either direction with nice left turn lanes at intersections, and a wide grassy median between the lanes.
Early afternoon, and traffic is moderate. I scan several cars ahead and notice one I can't immediately identify. That's not out of the ordinary in these parts... It's not unusual to see the odd exotic auto on this road. I speed up to overtake and have a look, only to find it's not exotic at all, it's a
Chrysler 300C, but customized with special dark blue paint, special wheels, and tires.
Across the trunk lid, written tastefully in a color barely distinguishable from the base color of the car, is the phrase "SeriousBluePits.com"

Blue Pits?
Meant nothin' to me.

At the next stoplight I pull alongside and glance at the occupants. Behind the wheel is a beautiful woman... fitting perfectly in this beautiful car. In the passenger seat, slumped "gangsta" style so he's not easily seen, is a guy.

Neither looks my way.

First thing I do when I get home is boot up the laptop, and find
this site, which I shrugged off until recent news of Michael Vick emerged.

I'm an animal lover.
With most dogs you pretty much know what you're gonna get up front... unlike people, they telegraph their feelings to you. And unless they are mistreated or bred for aggression, most dogs will return unconditional love for a few moments of your time... a little attention.

Cockfighting, Dog fighting, and cruelty to animals of all sorts is on the front page most days.

Folks that mistreat animals are more likely to abuse people.
What a sick society we live in. This problem has been brewing for YEARS.
How did we get here, and what do we have to do fix the problem?


Neil said...

Yup, a long time problem. In a strange twist, having Mike Vick popped for this crime is great for the cause. Now this problem is getting the attention it always deserved. I'm sure some people would say they engage in this brutal game for money. Vick can't say that. The man is a multi-millionaire. The only logical conclusion, then, is that he is just a sick bastard. I hope they throew the book at him, and make an example.

The Joker said...

Dog fighting has been brought to the public's attention from time to time, with only minimal consequences. For some reason the law is reluctant or unequipped or just plain dense about how much and how wide spread this is.

I am thankful that Michale Vick has been brought into the public eye for his horrendous cruelty to dogs. NOW... maybe the law will crack down on this illegal and cruel mess that has been allowed to fester for years with very little consequences.

I want them to make an example of Mike Vick, but I don't think they will. I just heard on the news that he will probably only serve 18 months. That's not enough!
He'll be right back out doing it again.

What can be done? How can we help stop this crime? I do not have the answers, but I hope to god someone does, and I hope it's soon.

The Old Man said...

I think duct taping the practitioners hands together and throwing them naked into a bullring full of hungry American Staffordshires after smearing their private areas with liverwurst might tend to slow the spread of mistreatment.
But that's just me....

up, down & charmingly strange said...

Any form of animal fighting is just a coward’s way to get a cheap thrill. The vicarious pleasure that they get from watching two animals tear each other apart is a sugar pill for their fear of doing something really dangerous.

Yes, I know that Mikey Vick is a Pro Football quarterback and I’m not trying to belittle the hazards of that job. But how often is his life really threatened at work. It’s not like he’s a pilot, a race car driver, a deep sea diver, a mountain climber, etc., something that if you screw up or just have a bad day will leave whatever they can scrape up of you in a small box. For sure a torn ACL or dislocated shoulder really hurts but, you get my drift here.

If these guys really want that kind of rush, then they need to go get a crotch rocket and dial it up to about 160 and put their own lives at risk rather than some dumb animals.

k said...

A small revenge...