08 November 2006

How D'ya Spell That?

Filibuster. That's how it's spelled.
Gridlock. That's what it means.

And that may be a good thing.
It'll sure be interesting to watch.


Neil said...

A good election for the GA community, no?

Greybeard said...

I'm assuming you're being sarcastic, Neil.
We've been playing the class distinction game for two years now.....
One of John Edward's campaign speeches pointed out how there are "two Americas"....rich and poor.
The fact that you have an interest in aircraft obviously makes you a rich man.
Be careful, rich man! The system that allows you to use your toys may be in peril!

Neil said...

I was basing my comment on this...

"Washington will look very different come January. For the first time since 1994, the Democrats will control the House of Representatives. They might also control the Senate, depending on the outcome of the Virginia race. And for the first time in history, the speaker of the House will be a woman — Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California.

"This shift in power in the House changes the picture for us on the user fee fight," said AOPA President Phil Boyer, "but it doesn't mean we've won the battle.

"However, now we can be assured of a fair hearing from people who understand aviation and aren't beholden to the White House."

Oh, and the next person that calls me rich can buy my lunch. ; ) haha.

Greybeard said...

Lemme see now,
who are our friends?

Meigs field is a great example.
Stolen. STOLEN!
By a democrat.

Yeah, the future looks great, doesn't it?
Put your hand on your wallet, and keep your head on a swivel.

Greybeard said...

Note, please, which Administration FIRST proposed
GA user fees.

As a member of the AOPA since 1973, my feeling is that the article you cite is the AOPA trying their darndest to make lemonade from the lemons we've been handed.

Neil said...

Well, I wasnt making a partisan comment by any means, and I cant stand to view politics of any stripe as party A= good party B=bad. AOPA seems to feel that most of the candidates that are considered helpful to our cause as pilots were succesfully elected.

Greybeard said...

I understand, Neil.
Good for you.
I stand by my previous comment....
Lemons from lemonade.

Here's what AOPA was saying two years ago.
The committee chairman they praised at that time are no longer in charge.

As I said..... stay alert!

Neil said...

Head on a swivel, Cap'n. ; )