09 October 2006

Wonderful news today, via Drudgereport:
Senator John F. Kerry will almost certainly throw his hat in the ring for nomination as the Democrat candidate for President in '08!

Since Hillary Clinton has failed us by being such a pro-Iraq war Bush puppet, we registered Democrats (and I am one.... honest!), certainly need a sensible, honest, stalwart candidate to throw our support behind. I'm with you, Senator Kerry! (He's also a Viet Nam veteran.... did you know that?)
You are the only Senator that has the sense to nuance things and vote for them before you vote against them!
You at least have the integrity to admit you were an absolute fool and made the totally wrong decision by voting for the war using the available intelligence information!
You're my man! You have my vote in the Democrat Primary!

Now let's brush up on a little history......
Repeat after me:
Nixon was not elected President until January of 1968.
The Purple Heart is awarded to those who suffer wounds inflicted by ENEMY action.

John F. Kerry for Democrat Nominee in '08!
Cindy Sheehan for Vice President!

Now, sign the SF180 as you promised you would, and let's get on with the campaign!


Neil said...


; )


Ha!! We do think alike. You're right...sign the 180 and let's get it on!

Rhea said...

Hey, cool. I live in Boston and haven't heard this yet.

The Old Man said...

You KNOW you're dreamin'. He'd have to get his test-tickles out of escrow from Tereza b4 he could release any real records.
Besides, he released them to the New York Times and other selected liberal lapdogs....