20 July 2006

A Thin Skin?


That one word will probably net "Pitchpull" several hits, just from his fans coming to see what I have to say about him. They'll be disappointed. I've read very little of his work.

Reaction to his death has been amazing.
Elvis is more popular than ever...... makes more money now than he ever did while drawing breath. Acidman may follow this path, if tributes to the man keep rolling in.

I'm sure I would have liked the guy. Intelligent, irreverent, opinionated, yet his feelings about his family showed a core that was caring and sentimental.

But I probably wouldn't have been comfortable around him for long........ and I flinch when I read his posts. Maybe I'm just naive, or maybe I'm too thin skinned.

I'm offended by casual use of "the F word".
If you really want to focus my attention on the words you speak, rather than the meaning you are trying to convey.........use "the F word". I'm instantly distracted. That's just a fact.

I'm amazed at how common it is to hear it in normal conversation these days.
It's spoken in public conversation loud enough to hear from across the room.
I have a flight nurse that can't speak two sentences without using it. She throws "Mother" in front of it now and then so she doesn't sound repetitive. She's a great gal and a good nurse.
I don't want to be around her any more than necessary. She frequently makes me cringe.

Rob....."Acidman", no doubt wrote some wonderful stuff, but I don't want to get down in the gutter with him. Don't take me wrong here...... if you loved him and his writing, good for you!
His language just made me uncomfortable.
Maybe when they come out with the version of his blog fit to be shown on network TV, I'll become his biggest fan!


Aviatrix said...

I am so with you. There are a lot of interesting movie that come out and I say "I'll wait until it comes on TV" --not because I'm too cheap to go to a theatre or rent it on video, but because I know that the violence and language will be edited down to my comfort level.

Ferdyflyer said...

There seems to be a lot of potentially good movies ruined by the F word. Some people think a movie isn't good unless it's rated R. Personally, I would rather the F word be taken out so I could enjoy the rest of the movie. I like good clean humor. It's pretty hard to find these days. I still watch Andy Griffith and the Golden Girls. I've seen all of them a million times; but, it's good clean entertainment.