15 June 2006

Just Sayin'......(Revised!)

(Updated 18 June, at 2035 local time.)

Boy, this didn't turn out as I had planned at all!

I guess I was a little too cute for my own good.
Only TWD, who had seen my analogy before, picked up on my theme.
So let me illuminate the actors in my play, and see if you have anything to add:

The part of "The High Risk Neighborhood" will be played by Planet Earth.

"My Family" will be played by the US of A.
"Area Gangs" will be ably played by Islamic Fundamentalists.
The part of "The Neighbors" will be played by Iraqis, Afghanis, and Israelis.
My "wife" will be played by The Democrat Party.
The local news media will be played by CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, and The New York Times.

Now, re-read my analogy, and give me your comments, please.

I've used a similar analogy before, in comments over at THIRDWAVEDAVE.
I think it's fitting to use it again here, hopefully to prod a little discussion.

Starting off, let's assume I live in a "high risk" neighborhood.
Crimes are committed around my home frequently, but mostly it's stuff that damages my home in a minor way, and I ignore it.....accepting it as "dues" to live in the area.
But I begin to hear rumors that area gangs are planning something that will hurt me or my family. These rumors come often, and are serious enough that I am moved to call my neighbors together to form a "neighborhood watch".
I also put an excellent security system in and around my home.

My plans attract enough attention to bring the news media around for interviews. They interview my whole family, and the neighbors, to get a feel for how we are all affected by the stress of living in this area. We all agree that the neighborhood is worth saving, but it's comforting that neighbors seem to have coalesced into a unit that will help resolve the problem. We like the area, and would like to stay.

Gangs watch the news. They identify us as the leadership that may cause them to lose their power in our neighborhood.

The next night, a brick is thrown through our picture window. The act is caught on one of our security cameras.......the perpetrator is identified and arrested......one less thug to cause problems!

The following week, a fire bomb is thrown against our house. The neighborhood watch does it's job.........the Fire Department is quickly alerted, and the fire is put out with only minor damage to our home.

The following day, the news media shows up again, and in an interview, my wife admits that she has doubts about being able to withstand the stress of staying in our beloved home if this vandalism continues.

I'm flabbergasted.
The neighbors express dismay, and are fearful we, who exposed them by getting them involved in the watch program, will leave them behind in an extremely dangerous situation.

Of course the attacks escalate. Although I plead with my wife not to show weakness, the news media follows her and does an ambush interview at the Supermarket. To them, she then states that if the attacks don't stop soon, she will force me to move our family at the end of the month.
This story airs over all the local news outlets.

How do you think this story will end?


OlePrairiedog said...

Were the shoe on the other foot, i.e. Mine, I think my initial reaction would be to guard my castle with every means available to me, City, County, State and Federal and I would make durn sure everyone was aware of it. No quarter asked or given. It might be painful, but if they come after me and mine , they better bring a sack lunch and a flashlight, cause it is going to take a while.

The reality is sometimes driven by fear. If Flame was really worried, I'd listen to her fears and work on identifying an alternate solution if possible. There are many different avenues to look at and you must determine "How much it means to you and the safety of your family" It just might take some out of the box planning. Now wouldn't that be novel and such a suprise for someone who only seeks to extort their own agenda.


The story will end with you and your family staying, fighting the good fight, resulting in the neighborhood being saved. Kinda reminds me of something else....

Neb Okla said...

Start a highly publicised neighborhood rifle marksmanship club. Local regs might determine the sort of rifles owned.

Also, get a group discount on any concealed handgun training required in your state.

Shoot at least once a month.

The media may cast you as vigilantes but you won't have to fire a shot - the thugs will move on to more unarmed pastures.

Heaven help you if you live in a town that would prosecute you for shooting a firebomber.

Anonymous said...

With the neighborhood just starting to turn bad you have a decent chance of getting rid of the gangbangers. If the village & police dept have a desire to maintain a safe community. Getting
rid of the inital trouble makers will go far in preserving a livable
neighborhood. The problem is when
drug dealing gangbangers become extablished. They monitor police scanners, get a feel for who may have called them and retaliate against the suspected caller. If the drug dealing gangbangers are allowed to flurish they will corrupt the local police dept. When that happens the easiest choice is to move. To save the community it needs to have early intervention to supress crime.


I never saw your previous post. This one seemed familiar because of world events.