14 December 2005

My Past.....Blasts!

Today I received an email from an old friend, Rachel.
The subject line said,
"Finally Online!"

This from a great lady I dated in the early 70's and have stayed intermittently in contact with since.

Our communications over the last 30 years have been mostly from my receiving a canned newsletter from her, including a nice personal note from Rachel bringing me up to speed on things I would have an interest in.
She is a great gal, talented, diverse, and active. She married a handy guy that has taken her down a path I envy in many ways.......(they have built their own home more than once.)

I got the normal newsletter from Rachel last year, and sat down to respond to it. Somewhere along the line I got interrupted, and it was weeks before I found the aborted letter in a pile of "gotta get to later" stuff. By that time, motivation and time had eluded me. It never got sent.

Getting the email from her today was so oddly wonderful.
Now there will be no excuse for not staying in touch with her family. Rachel and her husband have been active in their communities. They have raised two wonderful girls that are also doing things to help better the lives of those around them. Now I can more easily get details of their lives.

Now my question:
What percentage of the population remains unconnected?
How many are still out there in the proverbial "Stone Age?"
And how many of those are immovable? (I suspect those that are still unplugged will be hard to convert.)

At another date, I'll tell you the story of bringing my Mom and Dad online, kicking and screaming!

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