30 September 2008

If You, Like Me, Know History-

What does this most remind you of?

Hope and change, with the new "Presidential Seal" in the background.
Heil Obama!


Anonymous said...

Maybe I don't know enough history.

I mean, sure this is pretty far out there but it's about what'd I'd expect out of California.

On the other hand, it's not really Obama sponsored and it's certainly not State sanctioned. Yeah? I get what you're saying... selling this guy as some kind of Wunderkind or lately Messiah to children is a hell of a stretch but at some level you have to just blame the parents for not having good judgment and let it go. Interestingly that video has been rated down by most viewers.

Anonymous said...

Video no longer available ??

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The Old Man said...

Second site I'd seen this teaser on, but the video has been disappeared. Co-inkydink? Yah, right.

Greybeard said...

The kids sing, "We're gonna spread happiness"
(Unless you are a business owner),
"We're gonna spread freedom",
(Except freedom of speech. If you want to broadcast an article detailing Obama's relationship with Ayers, we'll send out our thugs to intimidate you).
The video played for me this morning (Wednesday). I'm using Firefox, so if you're using Internet Explorer, go to YouTube and use the search words "sing for change Obama", and I bet it'll play for you. There's no reason for the brown shirts to take it down...
They think they are indoctrinating these kids with LOVE.

There is much happening in California that scares me, Anon.
Old Glory being flown upside down, BENEATH the Mexican flag, and a budget that is totally out of control. California will be one of the first States to implode because of this economic fiasco.

And Old Man...
Read the YouTube comments and you'll find complaints that many of the negative comments about the video are being deleted.
Again, freedom of speech is okay so long as it compliments your agenda, right?

Anonymous said...

You seem to be saying that this is similar to Nazis indoctrinating kids. (i.e. the reference to "brown shirts"), which I think is blowing it way out of proportion. It's painful for me to watch 'cause it's so cheezy, but if you read the description, it's just someone getting a bunch of kids to sing about something they believe in.

Re: negative comments - it sounds like many are gone, but there are certainly a lot still there. I read all 54 comments linked to that video and skimmed some of the 350 linked to the person who posted it and a lot of them were negative and many were laced with profanity. Why is it a problem if some (certainly not all) of the negative comments are taken away from a person's posting? Why doesn't the person who posted the video have the same right you claim: "Comments I find offensive, profane, stupid, or otherwise obnoxious will be gleefully rejected."

Greybeard said...

How old are you?
Do you have children?

Anonymous said...


Greybeard said...

Is this action the same as Nazi's indoctrinating children?
Is it similar?
I think it is.

If you have kids yourself Ward, you know they will take on the opinions of the most trusted people in their lives... parents and teachers. I believe these kids are being brainwashed... Obama is good. McCain? Not so good.

And negative comments on YouTube?
How often do you go there?
I go a lot, and I can tell you that if they fit the Google/YouTube agenda, they are left for all to see, no matter how vile and profane.
This is my blog. I am "the decider" here, and therefore choose what what is and isn't posted. (I allow most comments.)
YouTube is a more public forum. I agree they have the right to delete profane comments...
For heavens sake, I wish they would do it more often. But I do think they have an agenda, and I think they editorialize by deleting comments that don't further that agenda.
CBS/NBC/MSNBC/The New York Times...
Much of our world is shaped by liberal folks smarter than you and me these days, like these people filling the spongy minds of these kids.

Remember this question Ward:
"How do you eat an elephant?"
"One small bite at a time."

Anonymous said...

I completely agree that the sentiments expressed are those of the _parents_, that the kids have essentially been indoctrinated. And I certainly don't disagree that it's bizarre to teach your kids to idolize a political figure. I take the writeup of how the video was made at face value and figure that to the kids it's just a matter of singing some nice stuff and they don't understand the implications.

But I don't think this is an example of nefarious liberal behaviour. I've never posted videos or comments on YouTube, but I assume that moderation is similar to a blog - the poster controls it, with maybe an overall profanity filter.