03 September 2008

The Diddy Retort!

This video is a response to one published by "P-Diddy".
I won't trouble you with that video, because frankly I don't care "Diddly" about "Diddy" or what he thinks.
He's not even from my universe.

This guy is more my speed:


OlePrairiedog said...

Articulate young man, I hope this gets out to many more folks. Good Article, GB. Keep on making more people search for the truth.

cj said...

This guy is amazing! Any idea who he is?

I'm going to add this to my site, too.

And, did you note that another one of the 'short-comings' of Alaska, according to Diddy, is the lack of crack heads. The lack of them?? Good grief.


Autorotate said...

Great find Grey!

Now, back to planning an IFR flight...

Greybeard said...

Check him out here.

Ann said...

I'd heard about the Diddy thing but didn't pay much attention. Thanks for finding this. I'll have to look him up too! I like your blog! The sunset/sunrise photo is beautiful!

Greybeard said...

I visited your blog last night Ann, and looked at your profile.
Do yourself a favor... skip P-Diddy's video referred to here.
From what I hear, every fourth word or so will offend folks like us.
(But if you do view it, please come back and fill us in, okay?)