08 September 2008


Added later:
A.K. Marx-Dudek, unlike C.K. "Dexter" Haven, is a female.

Some of you may have read the exchange between me and A.K. Marx-Dudek in a post below. It pays, obviously, when having a discussion with someone, to take a look at their blog, (if they're motivated to have one, R!), and get a feeling for their beliefs and world cares. I did that with A.K.M-D's blog... but initially I didn't dig deep enough.
The blog I checked was a "Blogger" blog. I finally woke up enough to see he has moved his "Blogger" blog to new digs... he now blogs here.

One of the things we had pounded into us during OCS was to pay "attention to detail, Candidate!" So I sometimes have alarm bells go off for no good reason. But the name "Marx" as part of such a strange name jangled the jingle in the back of my head. He's obviously intelligent and articulate... and I absolutely HATE it when people stop by and aren't moved enough to comment, so I'm pleased even when someone disagrees but says my words moved them to action, which Marx-Dudek did.

But checking out his new blog verified that sometimes you need to pay attention to your gut... even if it's just setting off tiny alarms.
Read far enough into his new blog and you'll notice something interesting...
Marx-Dudek is a Marxist. A gen-U-wine, bona-fide, idealist.

He's still intelligent. He's still articulate. At his heart, he may be a nice guy.
Some would have said the same thing about Karl Marx or
Vladimir I. Lenin.

So here's the deal, folks. We have been told our Candidate Obama has Marxist tendencies. That seems to be validated by the fact that someone like Marx-Dudek from Holland thinks Obama is who we in the U.S. should be voting for. So Marxists love Obama? Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Please, please, please M-D...
Come back now and tell us more about why Obama is our best choice.
I promise not to harangue you ever again.


CJ said...

Did you notice that he/she (I'm not convince which it is - if I missed something, sorry) considers a "life" that exists inside a computer game as real as a real life?

Good grief. That's almost scarier than the Marxism crap...


Greybeard said...

CJ, up until VERY recently my son worked as liaison between programmers writing necessary language for a video game and the gamers playing the prototype games trying to work bugs out.
Some of these folks have NO LIFE at all, other than their "second life."

As you might imagine, they don't think much like you and me.

(My son no longer works for that company.)