09 September 2008

Long Term Health Care

Young folks...
You may want to skip this one.

My lovely wife and I just got off the phone after talking for over an hour.
I've applied for a long-term health care policy, and an RN from who-knows-where called and asked us personal health questions you can't even imagine. I've been carrying seriously ill patients to tertiary care centers for 22 years, and I AIN'T NEVER HEARD of summa the things she asked about!

And MAN!
Beyond finding out I'm actively employed as a commercial pilot, do we STILL need to ask some of these questions?!!
"Do you use a motorized device instead of walking in your daily activities?"
Yes, sweetheart!
I drive my "hover-round" out to the helicopter and my paramedic helps me up into the cockpit.

She's on a recorded line, so I'm sure they review and make sure all the questions are asked and properly answered. Still... we are slaves to our technology, aren't we?

I'm 61. Sara Jean is 51. I've been considering long-term health care for several years now, but it always seemed too expensive, and the industry was so new there were lots of questions about what we really needed in the way of benefits...
Payments for health procedures, and particularly housing during rehab or long term nursing facilities.

This one seems reasonable and adequate. If issued with no glitches, it will cost $150 monthly, but will pay various bills into the hundreds of thousands of dollars if needed. We've seen enough tragedy in our lives over the last several months, I finally decided to pull the trigger and get coverage for both of us.

Still, it's a complicated, uncomfortable mess.
If you're interested in any of this, say so in the comments.
When I know even more details on this plan, I'll share.

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OlePrairiedog said...

I am SO interested. I'll share what I have found out. Either too many choices or not enough.