17 September 2008

Galveston Update

Typing this at Brazoria County, TX airport, on our way to the UTMB hospital at Galveston again.
The hospital is adjacent to the harbor. Several shrimp boats made their way into the harbor just before the storm, hoping to offload their full loads of shrimp at the shrimp processing plant there. They ended up having to bug out before offloading, and that cargo is now emitting an odor into a fairly warm Texas atmosphere that can be smelled for miles... it's VERY uncomfortable at the hospital and those nearby neighborhoods. The plant itself is also without power, and whatever shrimp might have been there before they evacuated is also rotting.

But it has been heartening watching how relief workers handle storm victims. "Meals, Ready-to-eat" are available to everyone, in addition to water, if you have a container to carry it. Chaplains hover around to provide spiritual support to whoever might need it. Although we are all tired, everyone has the attitude that we need to make the situation better, not worse, so we all smile, shrug our shoulders, and carry on.

This is my last day here... I have to be in Indianapolis for an event on Saturday, so I'm hoping to be there Friday night. I'm scheduled to be on the silver bird tomorrow.

I'll update ya as I can.

Update from Galveston:
Some interesting stuff here.

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Di said...

It's so hard to believe that as I sit here in my comfy office that others just states away have lost everything! It must be humbling to have the opportunity to offer a helping hand. You're our hero!! (Wave to my son as you fly around the area!! I'm so glad he's inland!) :))