12 September 2008

Runnin' Like The Coward I Am!

I didn't even get a chance to transport ONE patient!

My counterpart flew the aircraft back to our base of operations late last night. By the time I received the necessary briefings and had preflighted, management decided we needed to bug out to protect these big dollar machines. Eight helicopters took off for shelter... four to Del Rio, Texas, and four to Junction City, Texas. I was in the Del Rio contingent.

So here I sit, typing on a borrowed computer... (believe it or not I convinced the motel manager to let me use her machine. I'm in her office alone, and could cause terrible mischief if I wanted!)
God Bless her for being a good samaritan.

Now we wait.
Wait for Ike to do whatever damage he's gonna do, then we'll come in behind him and try to provide whatever help we can.
In the meantime, the weather is fine here in Del Rio right now. The beer is cold. The enchiladas, refried beans and spanish rice are wonderful.

Wish you were here!


The Old Man said...

If it gets bad enough I'll be along. Did Katrina duty so if they have another "bigwind party" I'll be on the guest list...


Stay safe, GB. Get home soon!!