06 September 2008

Missing Pieces

I've known her for 21 years.
I've known him for 20.
I saw him just two days ago. We talked of meeting for dinner.

They went to a movie then came home.
They argued. Neighbors heard it.
She and her 13 year old daughter went to the car.
She forgot her cell phone and went back to the house to grab it.
The daughter heard one shot, then another.
Both... gone.



Erik said...


nec Timide said...

Very sad. At least the daughter survived. My heart goes out to her.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...how very tragic!! You need to go to my MySpace profile or 'Sarah Jade's' and give a listen to Sarah's song I've added called 'Peacemaker'. (BTW, she just recorded a demo in Nashville...I'm soo excited..but anyway, I think you'll find this song that she wrote quite ironic.)

I'm sorry for the loss of your friends, and my heart really goes out to their child who is also the unfortunate victim here.

Radio Patriot said...

How tragic. So very sorry.


Greybeard said...

Thank you all.
And it is more than tragic...
Both these folks were involved in health care...
were experts in their individual fields.

It's a terrible loss to us all.

The daughter is with relatives.
How does she recover from such a thing?

CJ said...

Greybeard -

She recovers with a lot of love, support, and counseling.

Domestic violence makes no sense. It never has. Take it from someone who has seen it up close too many times.

I should've included prayer in that list above. She definitely has mine.


cary said...

Prayers for the family involved, GB. Sorry to hear about this.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd add Sarah's link:

Give a listen to 'Peacemaker'...it has touched many folks who can relate and even those who don't.

My prayers, too, are with this child and all those who cared for her parents.