10 September 2008

Greybeard's Excellent Adventure

Bim, Bam, Boom!
No sooner had I gotten to work tonight than my lead pilot asked:
"Wanta go to Texas?"

So I'll be flying the pressurized "silver bus with wings" tomorrow afternoon to Dallas, then connect to San Antonio where my rotary-winged steed should await me. In Alamo town, crew and helicopter will wait and see what IKE has in store for Texas' Gulf Coast.

If necessary, we'll move patients from coastal hospitals inland to safety, and do other jobs as needed.

I initially thought about taking the laptop with me, but tomorrow I may literally be sleeping on an ARMY cot in a gymnasium, and security may be an issue. If I can, I'll hijack someone else's computer and update you as possible.

I'll be fine.
Pray for Gulf Coasters.

IKE looks like a real troublemaker.


OlePrairiedog said...

Good Luck, my friend, be safe.

Detail Medic said...

Be safe brother.

cj said...

Oh my.

Safe flying, my friend.


Di said...

My son's G/F's family lives in Katy (suburb of Houston)....they were expected to feel the effects. I have sisters in Mobile and Florida, and my parents are not far from the LA border, so they have the influx of evacuees.

What a great service you're performing! I wish you well, and appreciate your enormous supprot!

Terry said...

You need a Fluid Master with you. LOL

nec Timide said...

Fly well, be safe.