11 September 2008

Ike, Yikes!

A quicky...
I'm safely in San Antonio, Mom. I can't tell you that personally if you don't answer your phone!

Fourteen helicopters here doin' the job. Tonight (Thursday) looks flyable all night long. Weather should not be a factor, so the only glitch is flying in an unfamiliar area.
Tomorrow night though... ?

Talking with guys that have done this job before brought up something I hadn't considered...
When the power goes out, all those tall "airplane grabbers" will be unlit.
Think I'll start bein' chicken?
You bet!

More when I can.
Thank you all so much for the kind words.
Right now they're indicating Galveston/Houston.


Epijunky said...

Be safe out there...

cary said...

Yeah, GB - we're kinda used to having you around. Keep it spinny side up, OK?