10 September 2008

Obama- Friend of Bill

From ABC News:

It is my sincere hope to one day get face to face with this man.
He, like John Kerry, and so many other anti-war folks I have mentioned before, is responsible for MILLIONS of deaths.


Anonymous said...

That cuts both ways. Anti-war protesters in the 60s may have equally saved more by helping end it. We'll never know will we? You're fight is stuck in the 60s. I honor your service. I honor your duty. But please help move this country forward by steering the conversation away from the past. This election is about the future. Obama had nothing to do with what happened in the 60s.

Greybeard said...

Let me try to make this as simple as possible...
Had we not "lost" Viet Nam, hundreds of thousands, (millions?), would not have lost their lives fleeing communist aggressors.
Thousands more would not have lost their lives or been tortured in re-education camps.
And the stability in the area might have had an effect on the three million deaths in "The Killing Fields" of Cambodia.

Pure and simple.
Bill Ayers and his like are either naive, or pure evil.
You tell me which, Rodolfo!
(And everyone, please consider the support anti-war comments give our enemy today.)

(Thanks for giving me the chance to flesh out my post.)

nec Timide said...

I work with a young woman who's family escaped communist Vietnam in an over crowded, un-seaworthy boat. She has told me a little of what her life was like there. For both of us, thanks for doing what you could man.


Rodolfo...to borrow a phrase from Wm. F. Buckley:

"I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you believe what you just said."

And GB, the death figures are estimated at upwards of TWO MILLION SOULS.