02 October 2008

Lightning Strikes Twice

We're in Destin, remember, so things are a little discomboobulated.

She came up the stairs behind me and stood at the landing, adjacent to my recliner, quietly.
After a few seconds I said, "So honey, are you ready to go for a walk?"

"When you hear what I've done, you won't be calling me honey."

Her tone indicates I'm in for some pain.

"Can you believe I did it again?!"

Only this time she did it better. All that's left is the cover, wet and limp. No trace of anything else remains.
A year of phone numbers, appointments, tax information, addresses, and memories...

I smile and say, "Well, no amount of worrying will bring it back."
But I'm sick inside.
This too will pass.


Erik said...

Off topic, thought you might like to see this.




Greybeard said...

That's called an "airspeed over altitude" takeoff Erik, and when possible, it's the safest takeoff you can make.
The title "extreme" applies here, because the pilot is showboating, putting the nose down much farther than is necessary.
Still, it's fun to watch, isn't it?
Wonderful machines.

Epijunky said...

Awww Greybeard... You're right, this too will pass.

She sounds like an amazing woman :)

Your post here reminded me of something heinous that I did to my ex boyfriend's flightsuit a long time ago... Here's the link if you're curious.


Flamingo 91 said...

So you left it in your shorts! Your schedule must have been too full, better for a clean start! I know how you feel though. This summer my computer crashed and was unrecoverable. Did everything we could to get the data off, but to no avail, and my hubby is a computer geek. I lost photos, accounts, etc. I was sick, but nothing I could do except start over. Luckily, I had backup info for SOME of it on various jump drives here and there. Backing up more these days! The pain will lessen...and glad you didn't kill Stunning! Things happen.

CJ said...


When ya gonna learn to take your date book out of your pocket at night?


cjh (speaking up for amazing women everywhere)

Greybeard said...

As of about 10 A.M. two days ago, CJ.

CJ said...

And they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks...

You reminded me of my nieces, actually... and myself on occasion with a jump drive or two!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Even your boy Charles K finally realized that Obama is a little bit more than a celebrity. Check out his Hail Mary vs Cool Barry piece.

nec Timide said...

My wife has never washed my Blackberry (where I keep all my important data), but I did have a USB memory stick that she managed to wash and dry on a continuing basis. I think it had happened half a dozen times before I found out. Never lost a bit of data, until I lost the whole thing on a whirlwind family visit.

Now I too am careful to empty my pockets.

Greybeard said...

Normally I wouldn't allow anyone to hijack a topic, Rodolfo.
But I do LOVE Charles Krauthammer, don't you?!!

From the piece you cite:
"It worked for two reasons: Democrats believe that nonsense, and he was new. But now he needs more than Democrats."

And I fully agree.
Obama's main problem is that U.S. voters overall don't like Socialists. Can Obama overcome that?
We'll see in November.

Anonymous said...

U.S. voters don't like censorship and Communist Mao/Stalin. Affordable health care is not communism.

I now think McCain can pull it off. But it won't be because of any gaffe Obama will make. His meteoric rise is no fluke. He's proven to be deserving of the presidency.

No this election is a referendum on the People. People like YOU. Obama will need your votes not so he can say he has more votes than McCain but to prove that America has truly come a long way.

America's NOT READY.