22 October 2008

A Glimpse of The Future


The Old Man said...

You realize that this outward display of socialism makes you a racist...

helimx said...

I don't understand why you titled this post "glimpse of the FUTURE''. this is our present, right now.
I kind of agree with the woman when she says that sending money to Africa isn't on her mind because there is poverty where she is. I think we should focus on fixing OUR nations problems before we continue helping so many other countries and not our own.
as always, your blog continues to make it's readers think.

Greybeard said...

No argument from me on your points, heli.
But poverty?
She's driving what appears to be a properly functioning automobile.
She looks for more "freebies" on the internet by surfing with her computer.
What do you want to bet there's a cell phone in her purse?

That's poverty?!
I was worried about retiring until now...
The future for us "poor folks" is truly bright!

Steve at the Pub said...

Clearly the definition of "poverty" is not what I had believed it to be.