31 October 2008

Utopia Is Coming. Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Life is just gonna be swell:

Barry will bring us heaven, right here on earth!

Thanks again Instapundit


cj said...

GB -

Idiots. We're surrounded by idiots. I will never, ever understand why anyone wants to rely on someone else to provide for them.

Silly me, right? I should just quit my job, let my mortgage go, and let The One take care of me...


Greybeard said...

Ooh CJ,
Why do you seethe with such hate?
(You should consider working at an abortion clinic. I hear the future is bright there.)

cary said...

Owha Tagoo Siam!

Here I've been busting my butt to make sure I can meet my responsibilities, and all I have to do is vote Obama, and he will take care of me?

Holy cow, I am such a moron for being personally accountable...

cj said...

Greybeard -

Thanks for the tip but I still think doing nothing sounds like the better gig.

And Cary, I think we should form some sort of support group - you know, the Idiots Who Are Still Working...