29 October 2008

Pravda, Izvestia, et al...

If you are not afraid of this election, you must be clueless:

Read John's post,

Then read this satire(?)

My comment at John's blog:
"The only difference between us and the old Soviet Union now is that the government is not controlling the release of information...
liberal media outlets are.
Government control of information will start 4 November."

I asked before and I'll ask again-
Why would any Jew vote for this guy?

Now add to that-
Why would anyone?


rodolfo said...

Because Obama/Biden represents the future.

cary said...


How's that koolaid, rodolfo? How can you say that resurrecting historically failing policies is the future for this country?

Redistribution of wealth - that's communism, you blind oaf! Name ONE successful communist country. (by successful, I mean a country that has been under communist rule for as long as the US has been in existence?)

Socialism isn't much better than communism - it just takes longer for people to get tired of not having anything.

Dragging down those who would create wealth by taking it away from them and handing it to those who sit on their butts sure makes me want to go out and grow my business even more...

Ward Bush said...

Again, I think you're massively over-stating, over-reacting.

1) It was one of the "liberal media outlets" that you say are controlling all information that reported on the party. And, despite the fact that "liberal media outlets" control all information, somehow there does seem to be publicity about this tape.

2) If you actually read the article in the Times about the party (from back in April), there's nothing dramatic in it. It amounts to "Obama has expressed sympathy for Palestinians." That doesn't seem like the end of the world to me. The mideast situation is complex, it seems to me it's actually a positive sign to see someone who's willing to look at more than one side.


3) Just for fun, look at the marathonpundit post piece by piece. It's a great example of "rumors and innuendo."

Obama praises Khalidi at a going-away party. Let's see, how many going-away parties have you been to where the focus isn't on the positive? If Obama's known the guy for a while and likes him, what's he gonna say?

Other people (Ayers) were there as well. Not sure what the relevance is, I keep saying "if Ayers is a terrorist, why hasn't he been arrested?" So what if he was at the same party?

Obama was on the board of some group that distributes money to causes it thinks are worthy and they gave money to Khalidi's wife. Again, so what? Is there some problem with that group, or is it just bad because it has "Arab" in its name?

Khalidi supports suicide bombers. Except that the actual times article says the opposite. And "called Israel an "apartheid system in creation" and a destructive "racist" state." doesn't sound like supporting suicide bombing to me. Similarly to the dedication of his book. You do know that the IDF has sometimes killed Palestinians, don't you?

To me, this all adds up to nothing much.

rodolfo said...

cary-You should try the Obama/Biden koolaid sometime. It's much better than the Bush/Palin koolaid you've been drinking for the past eight years.

This socialism diatribe is a stunt. You need to understand what *future* I'm talking about. I'm not talking about any specific policy. I'm talking about the new generation of voters that's sick and tired of the partisan divide that has dominated the political discourse by you, GB, and your equivalence on the far-left.

Ignore this massive shift in politics at your peril. Your party could quite possible never gain control again. Stop talking down to me and instead start coming up with fresh ideas to get my vote.

The next thing we'll hear about Obama is that he is actually half-Chinese and one time he was accused of sharing his peanut butter and jelly sandwich with his kindergarten classmates.

Greybeard said...

Thank you Ward and Rodolfo for telling me how I should react to all the "smoke" I'm seeing/smelling emanating from this candidate. That's comforting. But I'm perfectly capable of judging my own alarm system.

And also Ward, the problem at its core is we conservatives are quite aware how media like the L.A. Times, NYT, MSNBC/NBC, CBS, and so on have blatantly covered for this guy. Therefore, any cites you bring using the L.A. Times or any of the rest will be ignored as further cover-up.
Sad, isn't it? But that's what we've come to, thanks to those we used to depend on for news.
And that's why further media stifling of news about Obama should worry ANY thinking person.

The only sane thing I've heard today on the subject is this quote:
"The public has a right to know if there is anything damning on this tape. If there isn't, why, for the sake of transparency, isn't Obama demanding its release?"

You tell me...
Why isn't he?
Too much smoke for my liking.

Greybeard said...

I'm sorry Rodolfo, you're right. I'll never sway you by "talking down to you".

So let me gently point something out to you...

You continually use the words "irrelevant" and "stunt" when conservatives point out what we think are valid points that ought to scare voters about this guy...
a charismatic leader that has NEVER held a successful executive position.

We're supposed to consider this analytical thought?

I promise, I won't talk down to you anymore.

rodolfo said...

You throw around *conservatives* quite loosely. Do your positions really speak for *conservatives? There's clearly a rift. The Bill Kristol formula to divide and conquer along moral and religious lines don't appear to sway the vast majority of Americans this year.

Voters that are coming of age will remember these past eight years and associate it with Dominionists and Christian Fascists.

My advice: Change

Change tactics. Change strategy. Change leadership. Change something. And I'm not sure putting Sarah Palin on the top of the ticket in 2012 is the best answer either.

Less than a week before sh*t hits the fan. Can you feel it?

cary said...

rodolofo: I wasn't aware that I was talking down to you - just approaching each point as you present it. I'll stop doing that.

conservative (adj.)

1. Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change.
2. Traditional or restrained in style: a conservative dark suit.
3. Moderate; cautious: a conservative estimate.
1. Of or relating to the political philosophy of conservatism.
2. Belonging to a conservative party, group, or movement.

Yeah, we throw that "conservative" thing around quite a bit. Re-read definition 1, would you, rodolofo? Especially that part about "tending to oppose change" - keeping in mind that it says tending to oppose and not always against. Change for the sake of change is worthless and meaningless.

Dominionists? Christian Fascists? How so? Because the leader of this country, which was founded on Christian values, dared to state out loud that he believed in God and His Son, Jesus Christ? Is the fact that he actually means what he says scary to the left?

Let's get something straight - YOU have been constantly harping about how Obama is going to Change everything, Obama is going to Save The World, Obama is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread, and then he picks Biden, a thirty-year career politician as his running mate? You're just sore that McCain actually DID pick an outsider. I have yet to proclaim my support for McCain, and I sure as heck will not support Obama. So, go ahead with your bad self, and put your support behind Mr. Hopey Changiness Doing The Same Ol Same Ol.

I would rather see a much more conservative representative of the republican party than McCain, but there you have it.

Now, you said that I've been drinking the Bush/Palin koolaid - funny, but Bush and Palin aren't running on the same ticket. Oh, sure, Palin and Bush are both holding executive offices right now, just like Obama and - uhm - wait, Obama isn't in an executive position, is he?

Would you mind running down Obama's accomplishments again? You know, besides hanging with people of ill repute and organizations that are currently under investigation for their activities? I'm not saying he wouldn't be a good leader - heck, with a country like the US behind me, I could probably be a good leader myself. But the American public doesn't want the football team captain to be a freshman - they would prefer to see someone who has worked with the mechanics a while before taking charge of the team.

Now, beyond all this, please let me know where I spoke down to you. While you are at it, I"m still waiting on your answers to my questions - because if you can't that Obama is talking the "A" train to socialism and communism, then you are worse than a blind oaf - you are a blind, IGNORANT oaf. (oh - is that what you consider talking down? would you prefer ignoramus?)

cj said...

Hey, Cary, asking Rodolfo to explain The One's accomplishments is like asking the LA Times to release that video - it ain't gonna happen any time soon.

See, I asked him a specific question on a different topic and strangely enough... I haven't heard much from him lately.

Not that I've minded.


cj said...

Hey, got a question for Mr. Ward Bush. Let's take a quick look at one of your statements, shall we?

Obama praises Khalidi at a going-away party. Let's see, how many going-away parties have you been to where the focus isn't on the positive? If Obama's known the guy for a while and likes him, what's he gonna say?

Remember a guy by the name of Trent Lott? He said some 'positive things' about a man at the man's 100th birthday party - where the focus is usually on the positive...

Remember what happened to him?

Just askin'


rodolfo said...

Ignore Senator Obama and his accomplishments at your peril. This is not a winning strategy for you.

cj said...

Rodolfo -

You sound just like one of Obama's thugs that get sent out to shut people up. Good job. I'm sure you're proud.


Greybeard said...

Please don't talk down to me.
It's not a winning strategy for you :>)