20 October 2008

Chief Executive Obama!

Yeah, Obama has Executive experience.
And how'd he do at it?
He was a total failure!

Hey Gang!
Let's make this guy the most important leader in the world!


cj said...

What a surprise!

I'm STILL looking for anything Obama has done that shows he has the experience to be president...


rodolfo said...

cj-Are you kidding? You're either denying this man's accomplishments or you're trying very hard not to find any. Is Governor Palin qualified to be the next President simply on the basis of her executive experience? George Bush Jr had executive experience and that didn't turn out so well for us.

Senator Obama may not have the *executive* experience you may want but he makes up for it by having a superior intellectual curiosity. Something Governor Palin clearly lacks. He also has shown a superior first class temperament which Senator McCain clearly lacks.


You're on your own with this Roldolfo dude, GB.

Some folks are just socialists, period. Waste of time interacting with them, IMO.

Greybeard said...

Waste of time, Dave?
Maybe. I hope not.
Do you remember being 25?
I do.
Singing John Lennon protest songs, I was anti-war, anti-death penalty, and tried to spread the "peace and love" everywhere.
Then life caught up with me.

I suspect Rodolfo is much like I was at 25.
But you're right...
He's no history major.

cj said...

Rodolfo -

I'll ask again. Name one thing he's done to back up your claims. Things like running a campaign and his "superior intellectual curiosity" are value judgments at best. I want something concrete.

Attacking Govern Palin is called mis-direction... sorta like when Obama supporters yell "racist" at anyone who isn't voting for "The One". It doesn't work.

Just one thing, Rodolfo. I'll even take a piece of legislation he wrote.

Just one.


rodolfo said...

GB wrote: Singing John Lennon protest songs, I was anti-war, anti-death penalty, and tried to spread the "peace and love" everywhere.

whahahahaha. Was that really you GB? LMFAO. I can't Imagine.

I know who the enemy is. I'm not naive about that. Don't mistake my lack of support for the Iraq occupation as a psuedo Vietnam-era *anti-war* stance. WE'RE AT WAR WITH AL-QAEDA AND THEY MUST BE DESTROYED!

I remember standing the 4 to 8 watch on my ship when our radioman barged through the pilothouse door with the news. It would take about another week or so before the images that you folks down here were seeing finally made its way into our ship's tv. Needless to say I was pissed! I'm pro-war with respect to Afghanistan and KILLING members of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Iraq was the wrong battlefield. It diverted valuable resources that should have been used to finish the job in Afghanistan and maybe even solve some of our problems at home.

The only discernible similarity that you and I share is our mutual fascination and appreciation for flying machines. It's what led me to your blog in the first place.

Greybeard said...

No one...
NO ONE is addressing the post.
...Total failure at the only exec position he ever held!

Rodolfo, I won't denigrate your service...
It's commendable.
But have you ever had a bullet miss your face by inches? Folks that know that kind of danger... Many of my close friends, know FAR better than you, who the enemy is and where he is. Many of them were part of that group that just re-enlisted in record numbers in Iraq.
They agree with you...
Al Qaeda must be destroyed.

How many members of Al Qaeda have we killed in Iraq, Rodolfo?
I'll make you a wager I can find a Bin Laden quote that says Al Qaeda's main battlefield was in Iraq.
Wanta wager?

"The only discernible similarity that you and I share is our mutual fascination and appreciation for flying machines."

See Rodolfo, this is why no one takes you too seriously. You don't know me at all. For all you know, I could be a little blue haired old lady, reading and borrowing information from others' blogs.
"Discernible" may give you a pass.

Yes, I suspect you and I were much alike at your age. I also suspect you and I WILL be much alike when you are my age!

And CJ,
He'll cite the bill Dick Lugar wrote and he coat-tailed on, just watch.


No one is addressing the post because we all know it's true. He failed at the one thing that involved executive decision making. It's no secret.

Obama is style over substance, period. However, I would love to hear someone list his executive accomplishments outside of running a campaign.

I'll return to read the list...

rodolfo said...

First, the topic of your post has been addressed and is irrelevant.

Second, thank you for not questioning my patriotism.

Third, my roommate is a former Corpsman. He's only told two people about his combat experience in Iraq. Me and his VA counselor. But guess what? He opposes the Iraq war. The idea that there are some who support the Iraq war versus some who don't doesn't underscore the point that the Iraq war was DUMB TO BEGIN WITH.

So who's the real Greybeard then? If you're a fake then why should anyone take YOU seriously?

You wrote: Yes, I suspect you and I were much alike at your age. I also suspect you and I WILL be much alike when you are my age!

Geez, now you're starting to sound like my dad. Please don't.

Don't forget to vote folks! And remember Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a black, socialist, Muslim terrorist, baby-killing homo.

Greybeard said...

Let's see now...
question, and I don't see them.
And what about the wager?

cj said...

GB -

I've given up trying to get him to actually answer a question that's been asked.

I can second Thirdwave Dave, however. Not much to say because it's no surprise to those of us not hypnotized by The One's rock star hypo-babble.


Greybeard said...

CJ and TWD:
Yeah, at times I have to look around for the camera...
Surely Allen Funt is sniggering behind a two-way mirror somewhere.
(I know, that's a joke only certain people will understand.)

We're gonna get it.
Now I've got to start looking for ways to get my piece.

rodolfo said...

GB-What question and what wager? Your comment about his experience? Of course when you click the links it takes you to a fake conservative blog and then that site has a link to the New York Post, a right leaning paper that features columns by fake conservative Michelle Malkin.

cj-who ever said I was voting for him because of major policies he's passed. His record and accomplishments are on public record. Go look em up. And did it ever occur to you that Obama's *value judgment* is something that we ought to have in a President?

And why are you silent on Palin and her incredible lack of sophistication and intellect?

I'm fully aware of what other Obama supporters spout off. I've said before there are idiots on both sides. But your mention (comparison to me?) of them is both misdirected and misplaced.

Greybeard said...

If you care to read my questions, they are there in comments above.
But don't waste your breath, or my time.