30 October 2008

The Friend of My Opponent-

...Is my enemy.

Yours too.
Someone please, tell me again why associations are irrelevant?


Ward said...

I missed something... perhaps you could explain in simple words what the association is between Obama and Al Queda that you're hinting at.

Sarah said...

Ok, that's it. I'm angry. After the attacks of 9/11, I remember being rather emotional about my opportunity to vote. I felt like I was defending democracy, somehow, by participating.

The idea that deadly enemies of my country "have a say" indirectly in any US election enabled by opposition propaganda is disgusting. I am appalled some on the right are suggesting this.

We are making a choice Tuesday, and I believe Obama is the better one. McCain is, or was, a decent guy and in other circumstances I may have voted for him. Not this time. You don't agree. Fine, it's called democracy. Please stop the demonizing, name calling and paranoid hate. Things are not as black & white or right & left as this game seems to be.

So I'm done playing. I've read your blog to rile me up and sample opposing views. But I'll go elsewhere.

This guy says it better than I can. Maybe you'll believe a fellow soldier:


Greybeard said...

That's strange, Sarah.

cj said...

GB -

You know as well as I do how it works - if you question anything about The One you're a racists and hate-monger.

Nothing all that strange about it. I mean, people like Sarah are willing to ignore every one of Obama's troubling associations but if we question them, we're the ones causing trouble with our hatred.