25 October 2008


I just finished watching Juno.
What a pleasant surprise.

There are certain moments in movies when an actor can knock me out...
No lines to speak, the acting is all done with facial expression and body language.
In "Tootsie" Charles Durning amazed me with his expression in the bar scene when he comes to the realization that Tootsie is a man.
Ellen Page has a solo scene with no lines where you know she has made an important decision, and the young actress pulls it off.
Bravo Ellen!

Casting is great. Everyone is believable. I liked Jason Bateman, Jennifer Garner was excellent. Michael Cera, an actor I had never seen before, does a wonderful, understated job as Juno's best friend/paramour.
J.K. Simmons, playing Juno's Dad, steals every scene he's in.

Rent it.
I liked it enough that I will again, later.


The Old Man said...

Off topic, but you need to see this story - even if that asshole Kerry is in it:


Greybeard said...

Thanks for that, Old Man.
Six tours in Viet Nam, then dead from an accident at 48?
Life is strange.

Epijunky said...

I loved Juno. I was pleasantly surprised.

elay said...

Hi greybeard! glad that you liked this movie bec i loved it! it doesn't have all that heavy drama and parents going hysterical over unexpected teenage pregnancy..plus of course the good indie soundtrack.

texasnana said...

hey bubba - we just watched a rerun of "Second Hand Lion" with robert duvall and michael cain. what an awesome movie! if anyone finds it to rent or buy get it. at one point i commented to dh that i hoped it was a true story and bingo! it is based on the cartoon column 'walter & jasmine' *Ü*