16 January 2009

Your Morning Weather Forecast

Fellow earthlings and inquisitive souls, let's experiment!
My local weather guy says this works, and he's pretty good at his business.
He claims bubbles in your coffee can forecast your weather. Goofy stuff like this has always fascinated me, so he quickly had my undivided...

Pour your coffee in such a way that bubbles are formed. If the bubbles cling to the outside edge of your cup, the pressure is low and you can expect weather associated with that low pressure... here in the Midwest we'll have wind, clouds and precipitation.
Conversely, if the bubbles form in the middle of the cup, you are experiencing a high pressure system, normally associated with sunshine and fair weather.

Ever hear this before?
Then why didn't you share?!


Rain said...

Wouldn't looking at the weather gauge be better? *s* I pretty much know because I start to get a headache with extreme pressure changes. No bubbles though *s*

Andrea Shea King said...

First thing tomorrow morning when I pour that first cup of freshly brewed Dunkin Donuts coffee into my sweet little white mug, I'll check it out. Expect a full bubble report sometime thereafter.

Greybeard said...

For me rain, no headaches, no joint pain, but I do pour a morning cuppa (or three) every day.
Coffee and a simple weather report at the same time seems wonderful to me!

And, there are other good reasons now to savor your morning "Joe".

Andrea, we'll compare notes in the morning!

cj said...

GB -

Never heard that but since I don't drink coffee I can't help prove/disprove the theory. I will be watching for updates, however!


Andrea Shea King said...

Morning Report, Sir!

Multitude of happy little bubbles snuggling up against the rim of the cup. Pressure at 30.37 inches and falling.

Over and out.

Your Florida Weather Tracker

Greybeard said...

We woke this A.M. to the sound of wind so strong the house was creaking under the strain of its push... perfect for our experiment!
I poured two cups... one for me and one for my still in bed bride.
In both cups the bubbles scurried to the side of the cup before disappearing.
Hurray for my weather guy!