18 January 2009

Fat Cats In Control

...The devastating question still unasked of Barack Obama by any representative of the press is: "Did you authorize the dismantling of the anti-fraud protections built into the online credit-card contribution system through which your campaign raised hundreds of millions of dollars -- and if it wasn't you, who was it, why weren't they fired, and why weren't those safeguards reinstated?"

That's a question/comment at this post about how, through "The One", 100 wealthy families want to exercise control over you and me.

Fair warning... be prepared.


Andrea Shea King said...

Is there no corner this man and his team will not cut? They've got it all figured out. This isn't about Obama's brains -- it's about the expertise of those who surround him, paid handsomely by the Man (men?) behind the curtain at central control.(think Soros et al).

They've figured it out every which way to Sunday, and are running the tables with every advantage over you and me.

Masters of the universe. Watch. They've got it all sewn up. Prepare to be stuffed -- our goose is cooked. Unless we rise up. And even at that, it might already be too late.

Rain said...

Do right wingers get all their information from right wing blogs and talk shows? The statistics you use are always so different than anybody else has. Did you worry this much about who donated to Bush? It just amazes me because everything political here is oriented to attacking Obama. Nothing about what needs to be done, the programs that should be encouraged, but all about trying to tear him down before he gets in. And you ignored everything Bush did apparently? Like no fat cats donated to him, of course.

What I have noticed is right or left wing, the information often is diametrically opposed. If you want to believe one thing or the other, just stick to those who say what you like but what will that do to actually fix anything?

If you watched the program today from the Lincoln Memorial, you'd see a lot of people donating-- big celebrities and doing it all for what? To get some favor or because they believe in the cause? I won't say Obama is a saint but for pete's sake I wish the righties would give this a little time before they attack and when they do, maybe suggest good ideas instead of just he wasn't born where he says or something that is actually irrelevant. Obama got more money from small donors, owes more to them than any president in recent history, certainly more than Bush, and yet it's all fear that some 100 families (who even knows who they are) will run things. Well maybe they already were but just different ones!

Rain said...

Just to add to what I said, I did a little research after leaving here and found this site with some of the names-- http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/01/17/AR2009011702520.html The McCain Feingold bill is why this was possible. People like Spielberg are who you fear will run the country?

Something to consider, when you believe in a candidate, you give according to what you can afford whether you expect something back or not. Both parties have those who donate that way. These are not lobbyists. So my husband and I gave a lot also for how much money we have. Certainly not in the big guys' league but way more than we had ever given, and we expect nothing for it. Maybe some of the rich are like that. They just didn't want it to be Palin/McCain, didn't want more Bush.

To me to worry so much about a few rich families and not worry about lobbyists who actually do expect something, is very short-sighted. Why don't we wait and see if these people get some lucrative overseas contracts maybe with no oversight before we worry about them so much or maybe get appointed to head a cabinet position with no experience, ambassadors without speaking the language and it on it has gone. It's hard to believe you honestly believe Spielberg is hoping to run the country *shaking my head*. Obama might prove to be a failure. We just had a president like that but why don't we wait at least until he's in and then see what he does...

Anonymous said...

I think your instruments are lying to you. I gave to Obama's campaign and they knew exactly how much more I could legally give and they encouraged me to "go all-in" to help win. Lack of funds stopped that. Your allegations are most likely wrong. Bye the way.. I'm same vintage, truck driving, gun caring, cattle man. Not everybody who wanted Obama is on lattes. Smile partner.... and check your instruments, with the 'hood down' you have to trust'm....BUT YOUR GOING THE WRONG DIRECTION
your sytem will not take my ID ..like the feds. olpine43

Greybeard said...

Rain my dear, you WANT to believe! And if you WANT to believe, logic will not dissuade you.
I hope you are not soon disappointed.
But you see, I believe a man willing to associate with Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko is already suspect.
I have seen how Chicago pols like Blago, Emil Jones and Daley work. I don't like 'em. (That doesn't truly express my feelings.)

I also don't like being lied to.
This man promised, like McCain, to use public funding for his campaign. Then he reneged on that promise. Why? So Fat Cats like Spielberg could donate tens of millions of dollars to his campaign. Do I want Spielberg having influence over my Prsident?
He knows less about foreign policy than Sarah Palin, I'm sure.

I'm scared to death. The names keep piling up...
and on...

I don't want any of 'em for my next door neighbor. I sure as Hell don't want 'em in control of what I can, and cannot do.

I hope my fears are unfounded, but I know this ABSOLUTELY...
We are about to take a path that will have our kids paying for our mistakes for tens, maybe hundreds of years...
And it stinks.

Greybeard said...

Oh, and rain...
Did you see the Chris Muir cartoon below?

Rain said...

yes, i did and skipped commenting in it. I can't hit on everything, can I? *s*

In 2000, I was scared to death about Bush too; so I know how you feel. He turned out worse than I had feared which makes me also hope that you are wrong about Obama. If we get 8 more years of what we just had it'll be disaster.

What gets me though is that Palin had a lot of questionable connections also, things she did that looked shady, but that was okay? Like special deals to get her fancy house built up there with the same builder who she got the stadium or whatever she socked that little town with as a debt. Sounds kind of funny given she got a really 'good' price, don't you think but everybody worries that Obama bought part of a lot from a wheeler dealer who he paid full price for.

What I hope I don't do is what so many do on both parties-- my guy no matter what he does. To me we should watch them all, but it seems it's always okay when it's your own devil.

And on the taking public funding. What Obama said is he would do it if the could work it out with the candidate. McCain said he could not control what the 527s did and that was that. If Obama had gone along with limited spending, they would have bombarded him and he'd have lost. They put out a lot anyway. I think if McCain had had control over that, Obama might've gone along; but from what I have heard the left and right also disagree on exactly what happened there whether obama ever literally promised it or said he'd do it if they could work it out.It's always that way with pretty much everything. Each side has their truth and doesn't listen to the other side.

It's hard to listen to the other side. Through the election I read World Net Daily to keep up on the righties and it was all I could do to do it *s* and gave it up as soon as the election was over. I still read Washington Times though but it's less extreme. I just would like to read more positive things-- know any? *s*

I hope for the best, yes but as I said, I'm an old woman and by now have seen a lot not work as I had hoped...

Bumps Stump said...

Greybeard . . .Read your comments to Lady In The North . . liked it . . so pulled up your blog. Good job my friend. Excellent blog. You probably are not going to convince liberal anti-Bush Rain, but what you said is right on the money. Hmmm. Something of a pun I guess.

I too wonder about where Mr. Obama's money has come from? Just how did a relatively poor young man get financed thru Harvard? Why does he keep skipping over describing his work as a "community organizer" in Daley's Chicago? Who paid the bills then? Mr. Obama seems to have run with a fast crowd of angry black protesters as a young man. Perhaps that was the thing to do for a brilliant Harvard grad, but will he carry that black anger to the oval office?

He and Rev. Wright were the best of friends for twenty years or so - and the good Reverend is a sorry representative of a disgruntled, angry, vicious, bigoted, anti-American faction of the Black community. Just how much of that venom did Mr. Obama absorb?

We are about to find out.


Greybeard said...

anti-"rightie" rain?

Here's my hope-
She's a shepherd. I read her blogpost about fearing a coyote was threatening her sheep. Guess what she did?
She grabbed her rifle!
She ain't stupid... quite the contrary! She's just temporarily blinded by BDS. Anyone who can grab her gun and run to defend her sheep will be overtaken by the metaphor at some point. I just hope to be part of the enlightening process.

Thanks for the compliment my friend, and thanks for caring enough to put fingers to keyboard.
Someday I want to talk about that trike, if it's yours!

Bumps Stump said...

Yep! It's mine.