15 January 2009


I wish I had a nickel for all of 'em I've met...

The guy that wants you to be impressed with him... how successful, important and powerful he is.
(I'd have enough money to buy a large Latte at Starbucks, maybe two.)
If you're not familiar with the Dude in the pic, where've you been? Go here and catch up on the story. We'll wait.

Pretty wife. Lexus. TBM? (Forgive this helicopter dude!)
This guy had the world on a string.

That is, until the bottom fell out of the financial bucket. We don't yet know what happened, but the bottom DID fall out. Pretty wife put up with him so long as the perks were there. When things began to get tough, she finally was forced to realize what an insufferable jerk he was and left him.

Of course with the money gone, so are the Lexus and the airplane(s). (I've seen video of him flying in some sort of aerobatic thingy... Extra 300? And the airplane he ditched was a relatively new Piper Malibu/Meridian... whatever.)

So here's my question:
Why'd he do it the way he did? If he wanted us to think he's dead, there was a better way.

Take off at night. Insure the airplane is low on fuel. Crossing the Alabama-Florida line, make your emergency radio call (or maybe don't), then turn off the transponder and descend to 800 feet indicated. Turn on the autopilot and jump. Otto flies the airplane until it runs out of gas somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico and disappears in the deep.
No wreckage to find.
No pilot to find.

No scenario is foolproof, but this one is much better than the one he planned. What was he thinking?
His wife is smarter, AND better looking than him!


Rain said...

Worse, last night I heard some mental health experts trying to make excuses for this moron. You are right. He could have done this in a way to not get caught but he's obviously not any smarter than he is good looking-- and faces like his, I find very unattractive. They are blah, no character and all about thinking they have the perfect features. Perfect features are rarely really beautiful. To me his pictures says ick!

nec Timide said...

He is an idiot, that's why, and the reason he was caught. The same kind of greedy idiot that got us all in this mess in the first place. Too bad the Meridian (in the picture, and what he wrecked) is a very nice ride.

jinksto said...

Callsign Echo shared this link this morning where The flying penguin gave a guess:

His theory is that what you suggest was indeed the intention... it's just that he missed... the Gulf of Mexico... I'm not sure how much extra drag an open door would cause on one of those monsters but he only missed the gulf by a few miles... maybe it was enough.

cj said...

Yikes! How do you miss the Gulf of Mexico??

The man is obviously an idiot on all sorts of levels...