20 January 2009

Mallard Fillmore

By NO means perfect, but I never for a moment thought he was a crook. Thank you indeed, President Bush.
More "Non-Deranged" thinking


Rain said...

Your constant defense of Bush is amazing. What about that he ignored the many warnings before 9/11, like the CIA agent who came to the ranch in August to tell him we might be hit by bin Laden and he sent him on his way with a you covered your butt comment-- consistently ignoring all warnings only so after the attack nobody could have imagined this? What about the many men and women who have died since 9/11, young people, in a war in Iraq, a country that Bush admits now had nothing to do with that attack? What about the huge deficit amassed that has basically limited our options to fix any problems, what about the way he has limited our rights as citizens and undermined Constitutional guarantees as he built up the power of the Executive branch which now Obama inherits and we'll see what he does?

Has it ever occurred to you on the right that Bush has done all bin Laden might have hoped? Al Qaeda has attacked around the world since then and yeah not been back here. We don't even know he tried to attack here again. Maybe he didn't need to since economic devastation was his plan. Since he wanted to build up hatred against us and we have helped him do it.

And yes, I know what the people who read here will say that I am a leftie who doesn't love my country, is ignorant, and has no understanding of anything; but they won't address what I just said and likely neither will you.

One reason I post here is because you seem like a good man to me, Graybeard. I have a feeling that we'd like each other if we met. It makes it worth the possible attacks I know come in other sites like this one. You aren't like that. Some of your commenters are but you have treated me with respect and I appreciate that because it does allow dialogue.

I do have a specific question for you: will you only seek to undermine this government for the next four years, hope to find things to build up resentment among the right who are already unhappy? Is that what your readers most want? Is that to be your contribution to our country pulling itself out of this mess? It's one thing to make specific statements against what Obama does in terms of policy, but to attack him for nothing other than because you can, what will that accomplish over the next 4 years?

One thing I have seen that Obama can do and I admire it in him is separate policy from character. It's why he could honor John McCain in the midst of his own victory. It's why he doesn't hold a grudge against people even while he will speak against their policies as he did in his Inaugural speech when he called out changes from what Bush has done but still could say Bush was a good man. I would wish that the right could all do this now as we seek to find things that will work and not just attack each other as being unpatriotic or stupid.

Greybeard said...

I'm going to try to be kind here Rain,
I promise.
Anyone that didn't know that Bin Laden was trying to attack the U.S. after the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 is an ABSOLUTE IDIOT!
So pardon me if I ignore your attempts to make it sound as if President Bush was asleep at the switch, okay?
The CIA failed us. They failed our President. The CIA has been at war with the Bush administration since day 1 of his administration, trying to undermine him.
I'm sure you knew that.

And the war in Iraq?
...The one Hillary Clinton and John Kerry and most democrats supported? Do you think things would have turned out differently had Gore or Kerry been elected? Are you that naive?
(By the way, I still think the war was necessary. There's coyotes out there, ya know?)
Surely you are ecstatic that 25 million people in the Middle East now at least have a CHANCE for HOPE and CHANGE, right?
Yes, I know you are.

"...Bush has done all Bin Laden might have hoped?"
I'll ask again... this is in jest, right?
Do you realize how many Muslim leaders now criticize Bin Laden for making the world look at all Muslims as terrorists now?
As a woman, are you not happy women in Afghanistan now have a better life... a life where they are beaten less... a life where they have a chance at an education?

"...will you only seek to undermine this government for the next four years...?
No Rain, I promise not to do what the media and deranged lefties have done to our country and our President for the last eight years! As I have stated in previous posts, my 401k and my retirement depend on Obama's success. I'm scared to death democrats will try to steal my retirement funds and put them into a losing system like Social Security, but I'm hopeful the outcry of folks like you and me will prevent that.

Bush didn't steal from or wreck the White House as he departed Rain. I think you need to re-direct your fears about who is "good" and who is not.

Am I unhappy?
You bet. We have a totally inexperienced Chicago politician...
who we know is comfortable associating with folks like Ayers and Rezko, as our new President.
And I'm supposed to smile and say "thank you sir, may I have another?"
No Ma'am, I intend to be among the "patriotic resistance" and keep this socialist from taking away any more of my freedoms. I hope you will join me.

I say this from my heart Rain...
I'm not so sure I would like you if I met you in person. Sometimes you seem like a nice lady. But your hate for George Bush borders on insanity, in my opinion.
I choose my friends carefully.
I choose friends that improve my life.
I choose friends that don't hate.

Rain said...

You make an assumption that I hate Bush which I see as false. I dislike his policies and there is a difference (Obama demonstrated that today) but liking someone as a person does not automatically lead to being friends. I have liked and had like me many people where we are not friends but just appreciate each other. People though who don't like women who speak their mind, definitely don't like me; so you may be right. I will stay off your site if you would prefer because I have no need to cause people angst.

Greybeard said...

Opinions are like bellybuttons rain... everyone has one.
I expressed mine.
I didn't ask you to avoid my blog.
I'm not afraid of or put off by folks that disagree... in fact it's good to hear what others are thinking.
Do what is comfortable for you.

jinksto said...

I'd like to add a comment to your very excellent response if I may Greybeard. It's regarding something I've heard a lot from the "left" and something that I find disheartening.

Rain asked: "What about the many men and women who have died since 9/11, young people, in a war in Iraq"

Please, if you have not served your country do not use our dead to justify your cause. As a soldier I found it offensive. As an ex-soldier I continue to find it so.

Bush's approval rating with the military (even completely anonymously). If you based the presidential election on the military vote (again, a completely anonymous process) McCain would have won. When I returned from the first gulf war I voted for the man who sent me there... the man you would have claimed sent me to my "senseless" death had I not been one of the lucky ones. I would do it again.

People tell me that the first gulf war was all about oil but I saw with my own eyes a defeated nation resurrected in the process. I saw with my own eyes women and children who had been raped and beaten by the Iraqi Army. I saw with my own eyes civilian men gutted and hung on the sides of their houses by the Iraqi Army. I saw with my own eyes relief and hope as our soldiers freed those people from that insanity and I saw gratitude when we visited that back upon the enemy a hundred fold. So tell me that war was about oil. Tell me that this war is about power. Believe those things if you want but please do not use my sacrifice or the sacrifice of our lost brothers for your own gain.

:Greybeard, apologies for the graphic post. Please feel free to edit out what you don't feel appropriate for your blog(or even the whole thing. I feel better just having written it.) Maybe I'm just having a bad day. :)

Greybeard said...

Thank you Jinks, for your "bellybutton"!
And, my brother, thanks for serving to protect Rain's right to come here and express hers.

cj said...

GB -

One point needs to be highlighted in your exchange with Rain, GB:

"Anyone that didn't know that Bin Laden was trying to attack the U.S. after the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 is an ABSOLUTE IDIOT!"

Let's point out who, exactly, was president at that time:

William Clinton.

What did he do about that first attack?

Absolutely nothing. I'd say if anything gave bin Laden the green light to attack this country, it was that.

Rain - I truly hope you come back. I enjoy reading your comments and you do, at times, give me pause. Everyone needs that.

And Jinks, thank you very much for your excellent post here and for your service there. I have a friend who spent some time on the Highway of Death. We did the right thing then, GWB did the right thing, and let's hope BHO continues to do the right thing tomorrow.