05 January 2009

24 Hour News Channel

Once upon a time in a land that seems like a dream there was a place you could go, 24 hours a day, to get your "News fix". It was called CNN Headline News, and it was good.
I used to leave it on TV all day and after watching one news cycle would pretty much ignore it until something new happened.
It would drive Sara Jean crazy...
"That's the same thing they said half an hour ago!"
She was right of course. That was the point.

Nowadays, when I punch up Headline News I may tune in to find Nancy Grace talking about O.J. Simpson or Casey Anthony, or (worse)... some Showbiz crap about who Britney Spears exposed herself to today or where Lindsey Lohan was arrested for driving under the influence.

Obviously someone at CNN thinks this is an improvement. I think it leaves a niche for someone to fill...
"All News, all the time."
Surely there are others like me.
Is anyone listening?


ddf said...

Ah....and with this moment of clarity you have begun to realize you are no longer a part of "the target audience".

Erik said...

Try BBC world news, works for me.

Len (Barfbag) said...

I agree 100%. I wish they would dump that drama queen Nancy Grace and the other garbage they air and bring back the old "just news" format.

I do have to give CNN credit for their anchor-girls though. They are by far the best looking broadcasters out there!


Rain said...

I have gotten disillusioned with all cable news and gave up network news a long time ago. It's gotten to where I only turn it on when something is going on in the world and I hope for an update which I may or may not get at any of them. :(

Anonymous said...

Yes I absolutely agree and was thinking the same thing over the Holidays! I decided remembering when Headline News had News was like remembering when MTV had music. Take away Nancy Grace and give me Van Earl Wright!

cj said...

It's not about 'news' anymore, GB. It's about ratings and profits and crap about disfunctional Hollyweird bimbos is where the money seems to be.

The real question is what does that say about the direction America is taking?


Epijunky said...

It all makes me sick.

Maybe I need to start watching the BBC?

Andrea Shea King said...

I'm reading more and more people are forsaking TV news altogether and saying they get their news from the internet and talk radio.

Lately that's what I'm doing too -- when I find myself talking back at the TV bubbleheads, I know it's time to hit the mute button. Unless something is breaking that is of interest to me, I don't bring the sound up at all. Silence is golden.