28 January 2009

Follow Your Dream

All during his Grade and High School years I pleaded with, cajoled, and threatened my son to get better grades.
He was plenty smart... why were his grades so poor?
My example to him was that my job was to work for a living so I could provide for him to go to school...
His job was to do the best he could there. Why waste so much time in the fantasy world, watching Star Trek and Star Wars?
But nothing changed. He graduated High School without distinction.

College was different. Seeing money being spent for his education, he applied himself and stayed on the Dean's list all four years. Still, what I considered an unnatural and useless fascination with Science Fiction persisted.

Boy, was I out in left field! Last week my son sat, face to face, one on one, while interviewing this woman:

If you know Science Fiction you'll recognize "Counselor Deanna Troi"... Marina Sirtis from "Star Trek, The Next Generation".

The next day he interviewed this beauty:

That's actress Chase Masterson of "Star Trek, Deep Space Nine".
I wish now I hadn't wasted so much time with my stomach in knots, literally screaming at him.
Now I'm wondering...
Do you need an assistant, son? I could carry your camera bag!
You can see/hear my son's work


Anonymous said...

Greybeard, can I carry your bags???
You and Sara Jean must be proud!
John K.

christian soldier said...

This made me smile-thank you -
what a joy that your son followed his passion ...
BTW-your site is on my 'favorites' listed as 'pilot stuff' ...I placed it there a week or so ago...thank you for stopping by...


cary said...

Nothing worse than a grown man so jealous of his son...

heh heh heh

texasnana said...

So......what does Sara Jean think of this sudden desire to be a bag man?