07 January 2009

The Late Barack Obama, Part II

I almost did a spit-take...
Taking a sip of hot coffee I actually heard Dick Durbin, senior buffoon from Illinois say something to the effect-

"The vacant seat left by Senator Obama needs to be filled. The citizens of Illinois need a Senator to represent them."

Barack Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate two years ago and immediately started his campaign to be elected President. His Senate seat has gone wanting for two years. I'm not sure his neglect of his duties wasn't an improvement over his actually being there.
Surely the people of Illinois have grown accustomed to having no adult Senate leadership. Why should anyone hurry to fill that seat now?


Andrea Shea King said...

Oh, THAT's beautiful! lol..


cj said...

GB -

Good point.

And, just imagine. We have an inexperienced president who is picking people inexperienced for the job they're slotted for surrounding him.

Gonna be fun, isn't it?