20 January 2009

Red, White, and Blue Questions Of The Day-

1. If a candidate is so inexperienced he has to admit, "Things are much worse than I imagined and my solutions to problems will take longer than I expected"
2. If we can no longer judge a man by the company he keeps...
3. If campaign promises mean nothing, why do we have to suffer through a drawn-out, VERY expensive campaign? Why take so long and spend so much money? Why not just do it "American Idol" style and have voters call a toll-free number? ("I'm voting for Barack Obama because he is SO cute!")

I voted for Sarah because the promises Candidate Obama made seemed naive and impossible to achieve. Now apparently, Barack Obama agrees with me.
Had I known he would change his tune so drastically after the votes were counted, I might have voted for him.
(And the odd thing is, so many folks had no idea where he stood on important issues, would it have made any difference in the outcome?)

If only we could know which of our candidate's promises they are truly serious about...
It would sure make voting a less stressful process!

To President Obama:
I've heard your Presidency called "A Grand Experiment."
I hope your experiment is successful, sir.
God be with you.
God be with all of us.


cj said...

GB -

Excellent post and I'm with you - I wish him well and pray that he succeeds...

However I'm not hopeful if he's viewing the presidency as any sort of experiment, grand or not. We need steady, solid leadership, not somone who is 'experimenting'.


Greybeard said...

For clarity, CJ, it WAS NOT Obama himself that used that term, it was some smarter-than-me pundit.
But at the time I heard it I thought of
"I will grow the economy from the bottom up", and how NO ONE can explain what the Hell that means!
Maybe. And if so, I sincerely hope he succeeds.