14 January 2009

Jeff Dunham and Walter Go Fling-Winging

(This is NOT my endorsement for building your own helicopter!)

Thanks JK!


The Old Man said...

Fling-wing ain't as accurate a description as what a wobblie told me about 40 years ago - "Aircraft? A hee-low ain't no aircraft - it's 20,000 parts all flying in formation temporarily."

But as you're well aware, there's no better way to see a country than 50 feet up at 100 knots in an open door crouched over an M-60...

Anonymous said...

Walter is my Hero. He speaks his mind and doesn't hold anything back.
I want to grow up and be like him. Can't get enough of him and Dunham.
Don't know if I would like flying in the Rotorway! Fly Safe Walter!!!
John K.