17 January 2009

I.M. Warning-

My son sent a link via MSN instant messenger.
I responded that I'd check it out, and saw that he was no longer online. I clicked the link and found it was one of those innocuous IQ tests. Since my son sent it I figured it might be special or fun, so I worked my way through it. At the end of the test it asked for my cell phone number to send me the results, and I balked. Called my son...
"I'm not happy about sending my cell phone number to get the results on this test!"

"What are you talking about?"


He has a bug. Everyone on his IM list is getting uninitiated messages from him.

I went immediately to "System Restore" and restored to a date a week ago. I'll let you know if I have any problems.


nec Timide said...

Microsoft tools have the security slapped on after they push it out the door, which is why I avoid them as much as possible.

cj said...

Good luck!