21 January 2009

The Day After

For President Obama the partying is now over and it's time to get to work.
I didn't watch much of the festivities yesterday because-

1. I was at work, and
2. I figured watching the "highlights" when the dust had settled would be a more efficient use of time.

We all tend to hear what we want to hear when listening to speeches. What I heard that impressed me was President Obama's stressing the need for "service". I'm revulsed by the "me, me, me" that I have heard from commenters here... similar to the selfishnessness of the
Peggy Josephs of the world. I was worried our new President would continue with his "A.C.O.R.N. community organizer" thought processes and drag us further into government dependency. His speech, for me, set a different, more realistic tone. I hope he continues with this theme and I hope, with his guidance, the Peggy Josephs of the world find the path to personal responsibility. If so, President Obama will gain my respect and might even expect my vote next election.

We all knew how historic was this election. I was reminded of the enormity and the importance of it while watching the beautiful Beyonce Knowles sing Etta James' "At Last" at that first "Neighborhood Ball". I will forever remember her tears of Joy as she gestured to Barack and Michelle Obama at the end of the song.

It's a new beginning. Let us all give him a chance to make things better, even if that means pounding him when we think he's made a mistake.


Flamingo 91 said...


christian soldier said...

??Pounding him with what...the MSM- the R party ---
I'll give him no -thing until I see some-thing ...real...and Constitutional...

wksaz said...

I'm left wondering that with all of the struggle and financial turmoil we are enduring, why are we being told about service and being more giving? Americans, on average each worked until April 23rd last year to pay their tax bill. Isn't more than 1/3 of our labors each year too much "service" already???

I'm all for service. I think giving of some of your time, effort and money is very good for society. However, when the charity puts our whole nation in hock and damages the success of one's own family and hard work, then other things must happen.

I feel that this government "forced service" is completely out of control and that the Peggy Josephs of the world are going to multiply, not learn I'm afraid. Learning and thinking things take take effort, she is unwilling to do anything for herself.

One other sobering thought...Most of the Pj's of the world are mothers. I'm sure the kids are being taught both at school and at home that the government is too kind to the rich and that is why they live the way they do....GO OBAMA....home to China.