28 March 2010

What You Can, And Cannot Do:

What you can do: Claim to be a "Moderate Republican".

What you cannot do: Claim to be a Conservative, if you voted for the bailout during Bush's administration.


camerapilot said...

What the heck GB, you should have sand between your toes by now and pointing those steely eyes toward the pelicans holding that perfect formation inches from the waves!
As far as being a "Mod" I consider myself just right of Atilla the Hun.

Greybeard said...

Schmoe and CP-
One of these days we need to have a gathering here.
Just plantin' the seed.

Rita said...

I was torn on the bailout. From a former insider perspective I was not a fan of letting a big bank fail. I know everyone wants to make the big bad bankers the enemy (I know you know Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were behind that) but because the big bank fish were allowed to swallow the little bank fish, I could just see a collapse of the entire banking system without it.

It was handled poorly, it was forced on some big banks that were solvent and it wasn't given to some regional banks that asked and heard silence and were forced to close the doors.

So yes, I am still very conservative but not exactly against the first bank bailout if it had been done properly.

The rest of the TARP and the pork that went along with it, the subsequent bailouts and all this other nonsense are nothing but a bunch of crooked politicians stealing the taxpayers wallet and running up the credit cards before they get reported.


Bumps Stump said...

Hi Blo . . Never could accept that the first or any of the subsequent bail outs made sense. Various forms of bankruptcy were and are available and preferable.

And how about those guys that managed the banks and etc. right into failure. Why do they get a golden parachute for not doing their job?

It burns me to see executives recruited by moronic directors by offers of rewards regardless of performance. When did this kind of nonsense get so out of hand?


Greybeard said...

You and I are on the same page Dix...
The legal remedies already in place for this situation were ignored.
I fear all we have done is spread the debris from this train wreck over a longer distance.