29 March 2010

Thugs Throw Bricks Through Windows of Republican Headquarters

We got the "Change".
Where is the "Hope"?

Tinderbox. What's the chance of a conflagration?
Be prepared.


the golden horse said...

Read the books, it is all part of the plan. We are being set up.
10 dollars to a donut the damage at the DNC was their own doing.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

But here's the deal:

The only DOCUMENTED violence occurred to REPUBLICAN Eric Cantor. His office was shot through with holes. He was threatened on YouTube.

The rest of the alleged crap is just that: crap.

Andrew Breitbart is holding $10,000 to anyone who can provide video evidence of ANYone having called any Congressman, in the walk toward the past Sunday vote, a nigger.

I hear crickets chirping.

Hey, think about it: wouldn't you have HEARD about that by now??

Duh. Obviously.

Which means it DIDN'T OCCUR.